14 Ways to Use Mullein

14 Ways to Use Mullein

Mullein is known for being an effective treatment for respiratory problems, but, as this list of uses for mullein via Folk and Co shows, there are a number of other uses for this herb, from the treatment of other bodily ailments to cosmetic uses.

Here are some uses:

    1. Mullein has been used forever in treating asthma. Native Americans would make a smoking blend of mullein and coltsfoot that was used to help treat asthma as well as bronchitis. As an expectorant, it promotes secretion of the air passages.
    2. It’s also good for treating congestion, coughs, whooping cough,and hay fever.
    3. It’s been used to treat tuberculosis and other pulmonary diseases
    4. It is also used to treat inflammation and wounds. It’s an astringent so it tightens the tissue which can reduce bleeding and oozing.
    5. It softens skin
    6. The flowers have been used to create a pale yellow dye and it was used as blonde hair dye

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