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Alternatives to Social Drinking: Dry January

January is a month of resolutions, introspection, and starting off the year on a new foot. One practice of goal setting is Dry January: a 31-day alcohol-free cleanse and an opportunity to experience alternatives to social drinking that are more aligned with new years health goals. To anyone who completed dry January – congratulations! 

The founder of Monfefo, Justine Monsul, hosted a virtual happiness hour Q&A celebrating Dry January and the latest in wellness. You can watch her full interview on our Youtube Channel. 

Monfefo’s cold-pressed ginger and turmeric beverages support from within and welcome wellbeing with each sip. Monfefo is available in our retail space at 119 Crosby St and our Elixir Bar at 117 Crosby St in Soho NYC. Or you can order online at their website: HERE. Try their amazing Ginger or Tumeric Shots in your favorite mocktails, cocktails, or Elixirs for alternatives to social drinking and aiding in leaving behind alcohol!

What is the potency of all the ingredients in Monfefo’s cold-pressed beverages?

Our shots have really high potency. I feel like if you’re going to be drinking a shot, you really want it to be the real deal and so our ginger shots have over 4,000 milligrams of fresh, organic ginger and our turmeric shots have over 2,000 milligrams. Both of the shots’ servings are more than the daily dose of what you need, which is really lovely for the body. They’re all organically certified, made in-house, and really really potent. It may be a little crazy of me but I also do think that there’s something to say about the energy frequency when making a product. This may even go beyond our time but when you’re making a product and you’re not really present or you’re in a negative space, it really does affect our food.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy your Monfefo ginger and turmeric shots?

Mmmm many ways! When I’m in New York or in cold weather I have the ginger shot once or twice a day. I just put a little bit of the ginger shot with some warm water and it’s incredible. If I ever feel a little tickle in my throat I add a little more honey or oil of oregano. When I’m in LA and it’s a sunny day I love combining the ginger and turmeric shot with some sparkling water and some passion fruit. That drink is just crazy! It is so good!! Then obviously right now for everyone who’s partaking in Dry January — we always get requests for this even when it’s not a month dedicated around sobriety because I think so many more people are much more sober-curious now and just trying to find a balance within their day-to-day — we’ve gotten to create some fun mocktail recipes.

What does wellness mean to you?

I think it changes every day for me but the first thing that really comes to mind lately that I’ve been doing is walking down this path that’s in the middle. As an entrepreneur, there are such highs and there are such lows and there are such extremes and then there are judgments on things. Lately kind of walking down this path and just not judging things for what they are and letting them be as it is has been feeling very true to me.

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