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CBD and Exercises to Fight Summer Aches

During the summer months joint pain, body aches, and general discomfort can become a familiar sensation. All of the humidity can be detrimental, especially to those with conditions like arthritis! So, how are we meant to combat these summer aches? Luckily for you, we at The Alchemist’s Kitchen have some CBD and exercises for when you’re feeling those all-too-familiar pains and aches.

CBD and Other Supplements

There are countless supplements that can help loosen up tight limbs and soothe the aches that come with a summer storm or a day spent working. Here are some awesome CBD goodies and vitamins you can take to aid joint pain!

Plant Alchemy Gummies

Lucky for you, Plant Alchemy has just released their Raspberry Beret Yummy Gummies! These amazing gummies can not only help you deal with inflammatory conditions but their formula, mixed with Lions Mane mushrooms, increases your focus and mental clarity! These are wonderful treats to have on hand when you feel some joint pain coming on! Consumable CBD initiates at a slower pace but will last longer, allowing you to fend off inflammation and pain while also strengthening your mind!

Topical CBD

If you would prefer quicker results from your CBD, topical CBD is your best bet! The CBD Eucalyptus Soothe Topical Balm, Cool Soothe Topical Balm, and CBD Lemongrass Soothe Balm are full-spectrum plant-based CBD blends that can not only fight joint pain but can lessen inflammation and soothe cramps and aches! These are great for immediate pain relief, so be sure to have some on hand whenever you feel you may need some help dealing with that joint pain!


Supplements can help you loosen up your joints and avoid any unnecessary strain in the future, so long as you’re using the right ones! Fish Oil in particular is a great pill to take every day. It’s full of omega-3 fatty acids that loosen up muscles and keeps your body moving at peak condition! Curcumin is another great supplement that can fight inflammation and ensure that your body heat is regulated. Consider looking out for these awesome supplements next time you’re in the grocery store!

Exercises to Fight Pain

Exercising can be rough for those that deal with joint pain. As someone with arthritis myself I completely get it! Luckily there are some super easy and relaxing exercises you can do to not only stretch your joints but also work out your body,

Low-Intensity Stretching

These sorts of exercises encompass a wide range of mobility stretches that I personally find very approachable!

First, try putting your feet together and touching your toes. Only do as much as you can without feeling any major pain. There should just be a slight stretch, maybe a little burn, but nothing that will hurt. Hold that pose for 30-second intervals with a 10-15 second moment between each rep. You should do this for a total of four reps, with your total time stretching being two minutes!

The next stretch you’ll do will take place on the floor. Stretch your feet out in front of you and try to touch your toes again. This will be another four-rep exercise, where you stretch for 30 seconds and then rest again. Make sure you can feel a stretch in your legs, shoulders, and back!

The final stretch also takes place sitting down! Stretch your left leg out to the left and tuck your right towards you so you are making a sort of checkmark with your body. Stretch your arms up then lean towards your left leg. If you are able, touch your toes or grab your foot and hold for 30 seconds. Do this twice, then switch to your right leg and do the same another two times! Once completed, be sure to stretch your arms and shake out your legs to loosen up any remaining tightness. Good job, you’ve stretched it out!

A Neighborhood Walk

This is probably the easiest exercise to do if you suffer from body aches! You can time these walks for as short or as long as you like and you can get some fresh air all while giving your body some well-needed exercise!

Simply put on your favorite walking shoes and take a step outside your front door! Take a slow walk around your neighborhood, taking ample breaks as needed. If your neighborhood is not suitable for a quick walk, try and find a nearby park. Focus on finding a place with even pavement that will help keep your balance centered and your feet flat on the earth. If you want to take it up a notch, try finding a hiking path that has some slight inclines to really work out your legs!

Remember, exercise in moderation. A little can go a long way so long as you stay consistent with these exercises and CBD!

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