Coven Affairs #5: Spring Awakening

Welcome to Coven Affairs, a weekly recap of all events occurring within The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s space! Discover all the trade secrets, moments you missed out on, and more below.

Spiritual Guides and You!

The week started with one of our largest virtual gatherings to date. Monday we offered a FREE Akashic Records 101 led by Vanessa Albury. Vanessa often participates in our monthly Divination Night offering private mini Akashic Record readings,  accessing spiritual guides, and connecting guests with their higher selves. You can watch her full introductory workshop HERE. The last half of class features a group Akashic reading to give a sample of how Vanessa works to access her Akashic records.

Ceremonial Cacao

On Tuesday evening we gathered in our Elixir Bar for Florencia Fridman’s Ceremonial Cacao Circle. Florencia combines music, chanting and singing, and sharing of stories to unify us under the spirit of Cacao. Florencia is offering a deeper dive with Cacao through Cacao, Dreams, and Plant Allies: Building a Relationship With the Spirit of Cacao beginning this next Tuesday the 22nd. Her 6-week virtual course will build and deepen our relationship with the sacred plant of cacao, dive deep into the experience of dreams with special emphasis on learning about plant allies and how they can elevate our connection to the dream world. This upcoming course includes 1 kilo of Florencia’s Cacao Lab Ceremonial Grade Cacao. Watch Florencia’s full interview on her upcoming course HERE

Spring Awakening The Elements

Wednesday was the finale for Abhaijot Kaur’s “2222: Equalizing with the Elements”. This 5 week’s virtual course explored the four elements: earth, wind, fire, and water, and taught us to balance each element from within to nourish and nurture ourselves from the inside out. Abhaijot’s next course is beginning this week: Cellular Nourishment: 7 Day Harmony Cleanse. Her cleanse will be offered for 7 days to realign the body’s ecosystem to harmony through an ancient mono-nourishment diet and daily Kundalini practice. LINK HERE to read more about her upcoming offering.

Wealth and Growth

And on Thursday we were grateful to share the wisdom of Alexandra Phillips with Wealth Manifestation. Alexandra introduces herself as a business coach and witch. She assigned journaling prompts, spell work and explored best practices to manifest abundance in our finances. Alexandra is a frequent contributor to The Alchemist’s Kitchen learning program and we look forward to welcoming her back soon. Until then you can find her through her website: Business Witch

Coming up you can join us every weekend in March for a Spring Awakening series of intuitive healers. This weekend we will have Gina for Saturday afternoon Tarot and Stephen for Sunday afternoon Human Design Readings.

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