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Coven Affairs #6: Events Around the Equinox

Spring is in the air this Coven Affairs and we have an incredible lineup of events to celebrate Spring Awakening! This week had such great energy and we’re so excited to welcome you to our virtual and in-space learning series! Learn all of this and more with Coven Affairs!

Illuminated Art

Sunday, March 13th we started with an Illuminated Ground pop-up. Allie Lafon, a Cherokee Nation artist, began her brand of sustainably sourced art supplies when she returned to her family home in Oklahoma during the pandemic. She further developed her foraging practice and reached toward her aesthetic identity. The pop-up featured a few of her favorite products including a Charcoal Art Stick ($12), Stone Ground Glitter Art Kit ($35), Incense Intention Kit  ($35), and allowed guests to try the products hands-on. Illuminated Ground is available in our retail store and Allie will be returning THIS WEDNESDAY, March 22nd for a Craft Class: “Connection Through the Natural Arts”. Save your spot now!

This week also kicked off Abhaijot Kaur’s 7 days Harmony Cleanse.  The physical and mental body senses the change in nature from winter to spring and knows it is time to make the necessary adjustments for a new level of consciousness so that our whole body system: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies, are working at their optimal levels. Abhaijot guides her group through 7 days of meditation as well as daily assignments for the highest nourishment. You can read Abhaijot’s article about how cleansing with seasonal change optimizes overall health on our Wisdom Blog: The Power of a Cleanse.

Nature’s Gift

On Thursday, March 17th, we were grateful to welcome Georgina Langdale for Reclaiming the Compassionate Heart: Healing Grief through Nature Inspired Ceremony. Georgina is a New Zealand-based ecotherapist and nature-inspired life guide, using plants and nature-inspired wellness to heal. Georgina took her group through time-bending meditations in order to be there at the end with infinite love and a deep soul connection so that we could honor those we have lost and nurture our own hearts. Georgina is a force of nature herself and I truly recommend reaching out to her on her WEBSITE if you are experiencing loss. We look forward to welcoming her back soon.

Easy Speakeasy Night

That same evening we hosted our first in a series of magical evenings at The Elixir Bar, Speakeasy Night and it was SOLD OUT, thanks to your support! This ongoing series will address a variety of engaging topics surrounding the transformative, healing benefits of micro-dosing plants and fungi. Our goal is to offer guidance and mentorship on how to approach the topic of micro-dosing to help guide those seeking to become better informed; and have access to trusted teachers, makers, and sources. It was a riveting evening of exploring new ideas in fields such as psilocybin, cannabis, and plant medicine. Our next will take place on May 5th! Reserve your spot now as we hope to sell out again! Tickets are available as a pair or solo.

Interviews Galore!

To end the week, we had a FREE virtual Q&A with our founder, Lou Sagar, and founder of Synthonics, Dr. Tom Piccariello. Tom shared his vast knowledge of CBDa: The discussion will be a deeper dive into CBDa, and answered questions such as What is CBDa? How does CBDa compare with CBD? What is the current research? How does the performance of ChyloCaps TM compare to other cannabinoid products? You can watch this full conversation on our YOUTUBE.
Thank you for an incredible week of events. Coming up, don’t miss: the start of our 8-week virtual series Cacao, Dreams, and Plant Allies: Building a Relationship With the Spirit of Cacao, Illuminated Ground’s in-person craft class Connection Through the Natural Arts, and this weekend’s Nutrition Response Testing with Nicole Broderick. We can’t wait to see you soon at the next Coven Affairs!
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