Coven Affairs #4: The Month of Love

Our Month of Love continues through the end of February! Join us on this late month Coven Affairs and see the amazing events you missed out on!

Tarot and You

Tarot Readings in our Elixir Bar have brought such amazing energy into our space on the weekends. Come get guidance for past, present, and future from Kristall Richardson on Saturday and Gina Jean on Sunday. Our last Month of Love Tarot Readings at the Elixir Bar will be this weekend, the 26th and 27th from 1 to 4 pm. Reserve your space in advance and walk-ins are welcome!

Mushrooms and Self-Love

On Monday the 21st, the incredible Bre Jenkins shared her vast knowledge of psychedelics with Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms to Cultivate Self-Love. The focus of her lecture reflected our month-long theme of love by teaching us how to use entheogenic fungi to connect deeper with our inner self. Through introspection, we unlock healing and self-love. Bre Jenkins is a long-time partner with The Alchemist’s Kitchen with her expertise in Psychedelic Integration, Kundalini, Reiki, and health coaching. You can find her at Goinginwrd.com and we’ll surely have her back for a virtual class soon! She is also a contributor to our Wisdom Blog

On the magical “Two-sday” 2/22/22 we hosted Writing From the Heart with Victoria Libertore. Victoria taught a beautiful journaling class beginning with a meditation to connect with our heart chakra and ask our heart “how it’s doing”. Whether you already have a writing practice or are just beginning, giving yourself the gift of time and space for introspection and creativity can be a profound act of self-love. 2/22/22 date also coincides with the exact degree of the United States’ Pluto Return. Pluto can also represent the shadow and the stranger within. Creativity gives us permission to explore all aspects of ourselves and writing is a safe place to do that. Follow Victoria for more guidance in your creativity and spirituality. 

Love and Beauty

Abhaijot Kaur taught directly about the US Pluto Return with 22222: Restoration Love Pluto Return Kundalini Rebirth & Heart Attunement. The Pluto Return began in 2012/2013 and information has been coming out of the shadows piece by piece, but now the veil will be lifted. Kundalini gives a practice to “let go” and face this time of disillusionment without fear. Keeping an open heart is the only place to be when pluto takes a deep dive into the dark. Each guest’s individual frequency helped tune up the collective octave towards harmony that this time is ushering us in. This will be a 3-part series February, July, and December as we gather together to hold light in the shadows. 

To round out the month of love, we close with possibly the most important relationship we’ll ever have: the one with ourselves, with Radiant Beauty: Igniting Your Radiance Through Self Love. Show up for yourself in a loving way and practice letting go of perfectionism, self-criticism, negative self-talk, and people-pleasing. We have a new practitioner: Selena Maisonpierre, a Radiance Coach and Yoga Teacher, specializing in guiding people to tune in, turn on and ignite their radiance so that they can live lit up, fully embodied, and empowered lives. Sunday morning will start off right with a mixture of lecture, conversation, journal prompts, and a gentle yoga flow to take us inward. 

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