How Bitters Nourish You

How Bitters Nourish You

To get the most out of the food we put into our bodies, proper digestion is key. Bitters, which are highly concentrated liquid extractions of herbs (and typically used to add worlds of flavor to cocktails), are a great way to make sure you’re digesting as you should be! As this blog from Urban Moonshine (a team of passionate herbalists that put forth quality herbal products) explains, bitters stimulate mechanisms in our bodies, like salivation and stomach acid secretions, for more efficient breakdown and absorption of nutrients.

Bitters stimulate everything from salivation (which is packed with enzymes) to stomach acid secretions that help breakdown protein, to pancreatic enzyme secretions that further break these proteins, as well as carbohydrates, down. They also prompt the liver and gallbladder to secrete bile, which breaks down fats and binds waste products. So, with a splash of bitters, not only is your body all set to do its job in absorbing the nutrients that go on to be the building blocks of your strong, healthy organs and tissues; it’s also supported in the normal process of binding and disposing of that which doesn’t serve the body. Let this notion provide you with a little reassurance in the event you find yourself lingering around the cheese plate a little too long or going in for seconds on dessert during the upcoming holiday marathon season.

Read more about how bitters nourish you — and why you want them around during the season of indulgence — over at Urban Moonshine.

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