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How to Prepare for the Spring Equinox

The freezing hand of winter is slowly lessening throughout March. As the chill recedes, we are left with a phenomenon that drastically changes the season into spring! The Spring Equinox is a vital event, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate it! Let’s prepare for the Spring Equinox together and learn how to step into the new season refreshed and renewed.

What is the Spring Equinox?

The Spring Equinox (also known as the Vernal Equinox) is a special astronomical moment marked by equal hours of daylight and darkness across the globe. It usually falls around March 20-21 in the Northern Hemisphere and September 23-24 in the Southern Hemisphere. On this day, the Sun passes over the celestial equator, and day and night become almost equal in length.

Ostara is a holiday that celebrates the vernal equinox. This celebration of rebirth is also associated with the goddess Eostre, from which we get the modern name of the festival. Traditionally, Ostara is marked by fertility rites, planting and decorating eggs, and offering thanks for the rebirth of nature after winter. The decorations and colors used are usually in line with the colors of spring, with lighter colors representing renewal. Some colors you can display during this holiday are pastel pinks, blues, purples, and greens!

Special Herbs and Crystals for the Spring Equinox

To embrace the season’s beauty, why not use herbs and crystals for the Spring Equinox? Basil and rosemary are two of the most common herbs to use, both having properties that represent balance, protection, and abundance. Pair these with crystals like citrine or selenite to draw upon the power of their respective healing energies. 

Citrine promotes creativity and manifestation, while selenite aids in increased clarity and understanding. Together, they provide an enhanced level of balance and purpose throughout the spring season. Enjoy your journey into self-exploration as you create an enchanting environment of mental and spiritual transformation.

How to Prepare for the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is an essential scientific and spiritual event that shifts the energy around us to prepare for the warmth and rebirth of spring. Here are some physical activities you can start this weekend to prepare for the Spring Equinox!

Celebrate Nature

Before you begin preparing for the spring equinox, take a few moments to appreciate and honor the coming season. This is the season of renewal and rebirth, a time of new beginnings. Think of the beautiful ways you can connect with the natural world, such as hiking, camping, planting flowers, or tending to your garden.

Renew Yourself

 As part of the preparation for the spring equinox, take some time to reconnect with your spiritual energy. Take a long walk and notice the changes in the environment, reflect on the things that bring you joy, and connect with the energies of the changing season. Spend some time in quiet reflection, listening to your inner voice and setting intentions for what you want to manifest in your life.

Cleanse and Refresh

Get ready for the equinox by cleansing your environment. Take some time to clean out your living space, eliminate items that no longer bring you joy, and create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Smudge your home with herbs or incense and light a candle to bring in positive energy and good luck.

Practice Gratitude

Focus on the things that bring you joy and appreciate the simple things in life. The equinox is a time for expressing gratitude for all the beauty and abundance in your life. Create a gratitude list or practice saying “thank you” for everything you are blessed with.

Connect with Nature

Take some time to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of your environment. Visit a local park, take a walk through nearby woods, or spend some time gardening in your backyard. Listen to the birds singing, enjoy the fragrances of blooming flowers, and take some time to appreciate the world around you.

Meditate and Connect

On the day of the equinox, set aside some time for meditation. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax into a meditative state. You are a part of the natural world around you! You are filled with love and appreciation for all the beauty that exists.

It’s Spring at The Alchemist’s Kitchen

We at the Alchemist’s Kitchen are celebrating springtime in various ways! Be sure to check out our Events Page to see what fun classes and events we offer for the rest of the month! And if you’re interested in learning more about herbalism, microdosing, and witchery, tune in to our Youtube Channel. Blessed be, and Happy Equinox!

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