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Hydrosol Misters: Renew Stagnant Energy

The Summer of 2022 is a planetary headline for record temperatures of extreme heat. Perhaps, this is a well-deserved justification for the growing interest in plant-based topical misters and hydrosols. Misters can be helpful either spatially or on the face and body. They can be used to cool the body, uplift the soul and alleviate negative odors in your home or at work.

The spaces we inhabit can interfere with our energetic vibrations whether we know it or not. Traveling causes fatigue. Unless we attempt to combat it, our senses become dim. We feel it in our body, mind, and spirit. 

Topical misters and hydrosols are an ideal source of replenishment. They can be even more powerful when used as an aromatherapeutic with premium essential oils.

Misters: How Can They Help?

Sprays can be used to freshen up a room and also clear the energy of a space. Even people unfamiliar with terminology like “aura” or “spirit” will turn to a room deodorizer in an attempt to lessen whatever overbearing energy (or scent) they might be experiencing. Misters are exactly like a room deodorizer or perfume. They give off a lovely smell that can be used to cleanse a space or yourself. The only difference between the types of sprays is how they can affect the environment. It’s important to ask yourself what you need from a mister and then find the perfect one for you!

Brighten Your Energy, Sweeten Your Scent

Perfumes might feel too heavy, especially for this time of year. Instead, you can try using a sweet-smelling hydrosol mister to combat any lethargic feelings. Misters are light and airy alternatives that can also be used with the intention of lifting your spirit. Those used on the face and body can also offer a layer of protection from outside forces that may try to harm your personal vibrations! Misters are made with herbal remedies that can help settle anxieties, quell headaches, and soothe aches.

With these helpful uses in mind, let’s dive into a few misters that can offer these benefits. First, the Star Water Spirit Mister from Plantfolk Apothecary is specifically made with personal energy in mind. This celestial and floral scent brightens up any event you wear it to and can help you connect with the cosmos. Try their Veil of Light For Boundaries + Protection mister if you’re interested in a more protective product. This herbal hydrosol can be used to balance energy and protect you from outside forces. 

Protect and Energize Your Space

Spaces, like people, can be affected by the people and items that are near and around them. Some believe a busy living room can be left with the thoughts and anxieties of those who were in the room. It’s important to find ways to cleanse your space while keeping it safe for you! There are many ways to cleanse a space like cleaning and sweeping. But one of the easiest ways to refresh any room is by using a mister! Some can even double as a deodorizer, allowing your space to smell as sweet and gentle.

Sometimes you just need a good mister to fill your space with a wonderful smell and protective energy. The Sacred Space Mister is a great choice! Brightening eucalyptus, white sage, and rose petals make this mister very powerful. It fills the entire area with a rich, herbal scent that promises to chase away any bad juju that may be floating around. If you want a more floral scent, try Sun Potion’s Solar Rose Water body and room mister. With a rich, rosy scent and a solar-energized formula, this mister can be used to cleanse your space and is a lovely perfume for everyday use!

Mist Away Your Worries

If you are looking to brighten your spirit, misters are a natural alternative to perfume. You may want to use something stronger if you suffer from anxieties or headaches these spacial misters are a great way to add a new scent to your everyday life while and are also safe for you and for the environment. Try out a hydrosol mister today and experience an energetic new day.

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