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Moon Magic: Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

In case you thought Eclipse season was over, we have a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio shaking things up on May 5th. This final Scorpio Eclipse will close the chapter to what began in November 2022 during last year’s Scorpio  Eclipse. Prepare for final revelations and transitions. 

What exactly is a Lunar Eclipse?

A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun and collective North Node are opposite the Moon. In this case, the Sun will be in Taurus, and the Moon will be in Scorpio. Two weeks ago, we had a major Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries ruling our courage and confidence to go after what we desire. With this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, we are being asked to use our personal power to transform ourselves into what we desire.

Become What You Desire

Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio and is a feminine fixed sign. It rules the human psyche, along with death and transformation. Scorpio rules alchemy, transcendence, and deep psychological healing at its highest vibration. At its lowest vibration, Scorpio rules the darker aspects of the human psyche, such as hidden secrets, mysticism, addictions, and obsessions. When we tap into the healing power of Scorpio, we can turn our deepest fears and trauma into our superpowers and gift to the world. 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which rules the art of attraction, Scorpio is asking us to transform ourselves to attract the things we desire. To do this, you must first become a different person. This makes working with Scorpio energy intimidating because an aspect of ourselves has to die for us to become the “thing” we truly desire. Scorpio and Taurus also rule relationships and intimacy, so this can be a time of deep healing in partnerships where the truth comes to the surface, or the complete opposite, where two parties must sever ties.

Take Back Your Power

There is so much space for healing and surrendering with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Scorpio leaves nothing on the table and brings the darkness to light. Use the intensity of this moon to alchemize what is no longer needed and rebirth yourself into a stronger version of YOU.  It’s only from the ashes that the phoenix can rise. This powerful Eclipse is leading us up to the New Moon in Taurus, where we will have 6 placements in the sign of Taurus, helping us attract abundance.

The energy from this Eclipse will last until our final Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. The final Eclipse in Taurus will officially end the Taurus/Scorpio axis we have worked with for the past 18 months. Mercury will also be retrograde during this time, so now is the time to – re-evaluate, revise and re-do!

Ways to Work with this Lunar Eclipse

Scorpio rules occult sciences, so this is a great time to dabble in spiritual practices such as tarot, astrology, numerology, etc. 

Scorpio is water ruled, so taking baths to cleanse your aura and using herbs such as:

Great crystals to incorporate are Obsidian, Bloodstone, and Clear Quartz. These can protect, ground, and cleanse your energy through change and transformation. 

And lastly, CRY! This is a moon of letting go, tears are great ways to release energy out of our body that we no longer need and can cleanse our hearts as we rebirth ourselves anew.

Happy Lunar Eclipse.

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Sade Mckenzie

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