Moon Magic: Scorpio Solar Eclipse

In case you thought Eclipse season was over, we have a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio shaking things up, again, on October 25th! Think back to what took place for you in May when we had the Lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. This eclipse will bring up issues around power, desire, and transformation. 

What Exactly is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse is when the Sun, Moon, and collective North/South Node are all in the same sign. Essentially, a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with added intensity.  In this case, the Sun, Moon, and South Node are in the sign of Scorpio. A Solar Eclipse can bring in drastic changes that push us on a brand new path toward our purpose. It can sometimes offer change and adjustments that we didn’t see coming. 

The South Node symbolizes the direction we are heading away from because we have overdeveloped qualities within that sign. Wherever you have the sign Scorpio in your chart will signify the area this eclipse will take place in your life.  

The Alchemist of Astrology

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto and is a feminine fixed sign. It rules the human psyche, along with death and transformation. At its highest vibration, Scorpio rules alchemy, transcendence, and deep psychological healing. At its lowest vibration, Scorpio rules the darker aspects of the human psyche such as hidden secrets, mysticism, addictions, and obsessions. When we tap into the healing power of Scorpio we can turn our deepest fears and trauma into our superpowers and gift to the world. 

Not to mention Scorpio rules personal power, and it reminds us that we do not need to have control over otherwise. The only one we need to control is ourselves. Scorpios fall into controlling tendencies when they forget their power. 

Surrender to this Powerful Energy

Because the energy of a Solar Eclipse is usually intense and unsettling, this is not a good time to manifest. Instead, this is an opportunity to sit back and surrender to the areas of your life that are beginning to shift and trust that the changes taking place are for your greatest good. Be ready to take action and step out of your comfort zone. 

The moon is at its ‘fall’ in Scorpio so be careful to not let your thoughts overpower you, and rather instead focus on your power and strengths. Your power lies within you, not outside of you. When Scorpio remembers this they become their leaders and motivators. 

Because this Solar Eclipse is accepting the South Node, be open to experiencing people, situations, and experiences from the past to come back. Think of this as an opportunity to redirect your course by changing your approach and perspective. 

Allow this eclipse to bring to the surface all things that need to be seen and acknowledged so that there can be a deep purification of the mind. Once we can transform our minds, then we can transform our reality. 

Ways to Work with this Solar Eclipse

There are countless ways to harness the power of this Scorpio Solar Eclipse. Here are just some of our favorite ways!

  • Scorpio rules occult sciences so this is a great time to dabble in spiritual practices such as tarot, astrology, numerology, etc.
  • Scorpio is water ruled so taking baths to cleanse your aura, and using soft flora herbs such as lavender or rose to bring softness and ease.
  • Great crystals to incorporate are: Obsidian, Bloodstone, and Clear Quartz to name a few. These can protect, ground, and cleanse your energy through change and transformation.
  • And lastly, journal- a lot of things might seem unclear at the moment since eclipse usually shakes things up, but find some time to write and clear your mind.

Happy Solar Eclipse!

Published by
Sade Mckenzie

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