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Moon Magic: Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The final Eclipse of the year is here! We will have a Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8th, shedding light on intimacy, self-esteem, and relationship habits. Everyone will feel this pivotal shift for the remainder of the astrological year. 

What Exactly is a Lunar Eclipse?

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Sun and collective North/South Node are opposite the Moon. In this case, the Sun will be in Taurus, and the Moon will be in Scorpio. The North Node symbolizes the direction we are heading towards and where we need to focus our energy and efforts. Wherever you have the sign Taurus in your chart will signify the area this Eclipse will take place in your life.  

If we remember from two weeks ago, we had a major Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio ruling our desires, secrets, and hidden power. The Lunar Eclipse asks us to let go of outdated beliefs and value systems blocking us from obtaining our true desires.

Taurus is a fixed, feminine Earth sign ruled by Venus. At its highest vibration, Taurus represents stability, resources, balanced relationships, values, and beliefs. Taurus energy can be stubborn, lazy, obsessive, and glutinous at its lowest vibration as they love comfort and stability and have difficulty adapting to change. This Eclipse WILL require (in some way) new ways of adapting and thinking. There is no control under eclipse energy; you either adjust or perish. 

Exhale and Release

What habits have you been hiding or holding onto, hindering you from moving forward and developing into your power? 

This Full Moon is asking you to get rid of fears and habits on a psychological level. The challenging aspect is that Scorpio and Taurus are both fixed signs that do not like change. Taurus rules values and beliefs, and Scorpio rules destruction and power. What we might have valued in the past is no longer surviving our greatest good. If we refuse to let it go, it can harm us in some way -whether emotionally, spiritually, or physically. 

Venus will be opposing this Eclipse, as it is in the sign of Scorpio, so transformation within relationships will be the theme. Scorpio and Taurus also rule relationships and intimacy, so this can be a time of deep healing in partnerships where the truth comes to the surface, or the complete opposite, where two parties need to leverage ties.  

There is so much space for healing and surrendering with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Scorpio leaves nothing on the table and brings the darkness to light. Use the intensity of this moon to alchemize what is no longer needed and rebirth yourself into a more robust version of YOU. It’s only from the ashes that the phoenix can rise. 

Ways to Work with this Eclipse!

Taurus rules our five senses, so surround yourself with beautiful things that make you feel good! Eat good hearty food, and enjoy the company of great friends. Taurus season is when the sun begins to shine brighter, so truly appreciate your time with people. 

Taurus also rules the heart chakra, so spend time doing the things that bring you joy. Roses, rose water, or even rose quartz can bring beautiful healing and aesthetics during this moon. Green Aventurine is also a beautiful crystal to work with to help open the heart chakra and develop more faith and trust. 

Write down a list of your values and beliefs, and begin taking action towards having a more balanced life.

And lastly, cacao is a beautiful heart-opening drink that can also be paired with rose water during this New Moon.

Happy Lunar Eclipse!

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Sade Mckenzie

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