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Moon Magic: Virgo New Moon

New Moons are the perfect opportunity to initiate new ideas and intentions into the world! During this time we take action to nourish our mind and body to create fertile ground for new seeds to grow. The energy of a new moon is Yang centered; it is a time of action, movement, and initiation to aid in the process of manifestation.

The Party is (Almost) Over

Virgo season can feel like the “Summer Finale”, forcing us to wrap up our summer fun, and get organized! This practical Virgo New Moon on August 27th is asking us to come down from our summer high, and start to get serious.

Virgo is mutable, feminine, and ruled by the planet Mercury. Being an earth element, Virgo likes to use their resources for the betterment of humanity, and prefers practical acts of service that help to heal, and take care of others. 

Virgo rules our intellect and ability to process information. Virgos have a keen sense of discernment, and ability to sift through information paying close attention to detail. 

Similar to fellow earth sign Taurus, Virgo also values consistency as well as routine. Virgo prefers habits and routines that help them reach a level of mastery or ‘perfection’. 

Time to Organize

This new moon is a time of reflection, re-organizing, and restructuring of day-to-day routines that can bring more practical use of our hobbies and activities. Taking this season to become more practical and grounded with our decision-making will assist us through the Fall. Mercury, which is Virgo’s natural ruler, will begin its pre-retrograde shadow during this new moon. This highlights even more focus on reflection and introspection. 

The challenge of this placement is Virgo energy can be very critical and miss an opportunity since they are stuck on the details. A great way to use this New Moon energy is to come up with a plan and allow space for life to happen. Creating a plan can help the brain to feel organized, while also allowing freedom and flexibility to be in the present moment. 

As we begin to approach Fall Virgo reminds us to stay mutable and flexible so that we can have a smooth transition into the next season.

Ways to Work with this Virgo New Moon

Declutter your space:. Now is a good time to begin purging your space of items that you no longer resonate with, to make space for the new season approaching. 

Spend time in nature. These will be the last few weeks of the sun being at its highest, spend some time in the park, hiking, and spend the last few moments of summer at the beach!

Create a routine! Creating something that can keep you on track – new routing to bring new results. 

Find an accountability partner! As you start to create new routine for yourself, begin to hold yourself accountable or through a partner to make sure you are trolling stickting to your task.

Stay open. There are a lot of possibilities of life, use this mutable energy to stay open to receiving as well as changing and adjusting. 

Happy New Moon!

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Sade Mckenzie

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