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Olive Oil: An Ancient Skincare Aid

Despite dramatic scientific advances in dermatology, and the ever-present beauty industry seizing opportunities to capitalize on the latest skincare breakthrough, the truth remains that the ancient methods remain reliable and trusted. In ancient China, gua sha and rice water were used to keep skin hydrated and refreshed. Many people today still continue using these practices to maintain youthful vitality and stay rejuvenated   In the same way, the Ancient Greeks had one exceptional skincare product that is well loved for its versatility. This extraordinary and very iconic creation is…

Olive Oil: A Golden Miracle

Created in 3,500 BC on the island of Crete, olive oil was the product of crushing up olives and purifying the juices that were extracted. Due to the incredibly arid climate of the Mediterranean, olive trees were easy to cultivate and incredibly plentiful across the islands and shorelines of what we know today as Greece and Italy. Even today, these countries are characterized by their orchards of olive trees.

Olive oil’s popularity truly began years later, during the reign of the ancient Greeks. It was used mostly as a culinary ingredient and lubricant for building, but the Greeks saw even more potential in its use as a skincare aid. Wealthy individuals would spend good money at bathhouses for a dip in olive oil-infused waters, and many would create perfume oils by combining floral herbs and tinctures with oil as a base. It’s thought that even Cleopatra, one of the most renowned historical figures and a fan of beauty treatments, would use olive oil to keep her skin glossy, smooth, and healthy!

Cleansing and Soothing

We know the power of milk baths thanks to Cleopatra, but did you know that bathing with olive oil can have similar skin soothing effects? Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, E, D, and K– all of which can be used to nourish tired skin and even protect against the sun! In order to gain these effects in ancient times, these beneficial properties were gained by mixing perfumed water with olive oil or applying the product directly to the skin.

Speaking of applying olive oil to your skin, did you know that the purest form of this oil is antibacterial? It’s thought that acne-prone skin can benefit from oil cleansing because it directly fights the kind of bacteria that forms acne. Of course, I don’t recommend putting that cooking olive oil on your face, but an oil-based soap is an excellent alternative to help fend off those spots.

Olive Oil Products for Healthy Skin

We may not have easy access to pure olive oil like the aristocratic elites of ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt did, but we are thrilled to be featuring an ensemble of skincare products from Wonder Valley, this small workshop that is deeply inspired by olive oil harvested on their own property Here are a few that we recently launched for the fall season. Ancient traditions, enriched with love, and a beautiful blend of ingredients to help update your daily skin care regimen.

If you need a deep cleanser that isn’t drying, the Wonder Valley Facial Oil Cleanser is an excellent choice for removing the sweat and products of the day. It is an amazing product that promises to refresh and renew your skin. Along with the cleanser, the Wonder Valley Face Oil is a wonderful formula to help soothe inflammation and deal with those pesky breakouts. And if you want all that for your entire body, the Wonder Valley Body Oil will make your skin softer, smoother, and hydrated all day long! Don’t knock the power of olive oil, because it could be the ingredient that puts your skin on the track to better health!

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