Sharpen Your Brain with Rosemary Tea

Sharpen Your Brain with Rosemary Tea

Feeling mentally sluggish? Blow the cobwebs away with a hot cup of rosemary tea. Amanda Rose of Fresh Bites Daily writes about the mental boost that this tea provides, citing a study which says there is a link between it and mood, and clarity. It tastes good brewed alone, and as Rose suggests, can be sweetened with honey for a delicious flavor. Rose also suggests going light on the rosemary, as it can have a bitter taste if too much is used.

Here are her suggested steps for brewing a simple tea, which you can follow to ensure a sweet and pleasant flavor:


Tea Ingredients
One quart of water
One two-inch sprig of rosemary or a teaspoon of dried rosemary
Honey to taste

Tea Steps
Bring water to a boil.
Add rosemary. Cover. Allow the tea to steep covered for 10-20 minutes. Sweeten with honey to taste….

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