Spice Up Your Holiday Recipes with Hemp

Spice Up Your Holiday Recipes with Hemp
by Alma Green

With its tasty, nutty flavor and nutritional value, hemp is a great way to get creative with your holiday recipes this year. Not only is it flavorful and healthy, it can be enjoyed by anyone. According to Pure Hemp Botanicals, it contains “all nine essential amino acids, is easily digestible, gluten-free, and contains no known allergens.”

Here are some of their suggestions on combining hemp with your favorite dishes:

  • Mix hemp seeds with your favorite nut butter and spread in celery stalks for a yummy, healthy appetizer or snack.
  • Roll dairy or vegan cheese balls in hemp seeds for a flavorful appetizer.
  • Toast hemp seeds lightly in a little butter, hemp or coconut oil and drizzle over quartered, baked yams; if desired, sweeten with a little honey while the mixture is warm.

Read the rest at Pure Hemp Botanicals.

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