This holiday season, check out The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s recommendations for thoughtful, healing gifts in this season’s staff Gift Guide!

Who They Are: Casey Fieldman

What They Do: Casey Fieldman manages partnerships and special events for The Alchemist’s Kitchen. She loves working with the amazing herbalists, teachers, and healers in our community to cultivate awareness of how we can heal ourselves and find balance, particularly through fostering our connection with nature. 

What They Love: Anima Mundi Happiness

I love this product because it uses a powerful blend of plants that help boost and stabilize my mood, which is particularly helpful in the colder & darker months here. The herbs used in this tincture are both uplifting and energizing while also facilitating a grounding, calming effect. It’s good vibes in a bottle. 




Who They Are: Kate Belew

What They Do: Kate Belew is a Brooklyn based writer from the midwest. She works as the Social Media and Content Director for The Alchemist’s Kitchen where she gets to create with her two favorite worlds: poetry and plants. She has her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and is currently enrolled in Chestnut School of Herbs 1,000 hour training program. 

What They Love: Herbal Smokes by Plant Alchemy

My gift guide recommendation is our in-house brand Plant Alchemy’s Herbal Smokes. They’re super soothing, make a great grab and go gift, and always instantly banishes any anxiety I have while making me grounded at the same time. 


Who They Are: Ashley O’Malley

What They Do: Ashley joined the Events Team team at The Alchemist’s Kitchen in the early spring of 2018. With a passion for people, events, and plants Ashley has became an integral part of the Evolver team. With over 15 years in Special Events, Ashley has drawn on her education, the diverse influences of her experience in different industries from music to fashion, her city life, as well as ongoing travel to develop her refined style of creative design, programming, and production. Ashley earned a B.S. in International Business and Operations. She thrives where creativity is needed, incorporating cutting edge ideas for unforgettable experiences.

What They Love: Saffron Face cream 

When I first heard about the saffron cream i was at a point where i had used everything under the sun to help with my skin issues. I didn’t believe anything could help. Then I discovered this face cream. It has brought life back to my dull skin and helped calm my very sensitive skin. I don’t leave home without it!



Who They Are: Claire Crookston

What They Do: Director of Buying and Product Development. Claire oversees buying, e-commerce, and strategic branding/design, as well as product development for our beloved in-house brand Plant Alchemy.

What They Love: Sensual Bliss CBD Set & GeoPipes from Stonedware

As we all know, the holidays can be stressful with an overload of travel and extended family time. Luckily, we created The Cure CBD Set, which includes one of each of our best-selling Plant Alchemy introductory size products conveniently packed in a reusable zip-pouch to keep you calm, cool, and collected all season long. They also make for a really great gift.

We’ve also recently expanded our assortment of Bowery Cannabis Club picks to include these beautifully crafted handmade ceramic GeoPipes from Stonedware, which are great to use with any of our herbal smoke blends to enjoy while gathering around with friends and family or just keep in your living room as a piece of art. 

Rachelle Robinett

Who They Are: Rachelle Robinett

What They Do: Rachelle co-founded and manages Bowery Cannabis Club with The Alchemist’s Kitchen.  Rachelle is also the founder of Supernatural, a New York based company dedicated to real-world wellness and including Supernatural cafe, a product line of herbal gummies (HRBLS), ongoing workshops and events, and one-on-one health coaching.

What They Love: Urban Moonshine Bitters.

Bitters are one of my consistent recommendations for digestive support and lord knows the holidays can challenge gut health. They also work great as mocktail mixers. Simply add to some sparkling water, garnish with citrus or fresh herbs, and salad.





Who They Are: Dawn Agran, Manager at The Alchemist’s Kitchen Stockton

What They Do: Dawn Agran is a wise woman herbalist, green witch, Reiki practitioner, and avid gardener, bridging the worlds of plants and people, seasoned with a little magic.

What They Love: My favorite TAK products right now are Rise Nootropic Supplement Mushroom with CBD, Anima Mundi’s Cerebrum Brain Tonic and Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix. These three support me through the transition into the darker days with a bit more ease.

Who They Are: Ezza Valdez

What They Do: Ezza has over 20 years of experience in software development, project management, advisory and consulting. Her clients have included Disney, Citibank LA and Royal Caribbean. She has also worked for Stryker, a major medical device company, that make hips and knees implants

What They Love: Plant Alchemy CBD Gel caps, 75 mg.

Staying asleep has been very elusive lately so I take 2 tablets before going to bed. By allowing my body to relax completely it has tremendously helped me get my needed rest and I don’t wake up groggy.  This is my top pick for this year’s The Alchemist’s Kitchen Staff Gift Guide.




Who They Are:  Davin Turkewitz

What They Do:  Account Manager, CBD Influencer, surf instructor 

What They Love:  Skin Releaf Soap

I like the Skin Releaf soap because it leaves me cleansed, relaxed, and pleasantly moisturized. Since it is made in Southhampton, it also reminds me of the fun trip I took to Mandala Yoga with Kate, Banjo, and Casey #blessed




Jessica Ramirez

Who They Are: Jessica Ramirez

What They Do: Since she was a child Jess grew up with herbal remedies and magick that always drew her into the power of healing. In her spare time, she offers readings and consultations to people and businesses at a sliding scale and enjoys learning more about plant medicine. Her greatest passion is the study of indigenous herbalism and hopes to go back to school to study ethnobotany!

What They Love:MyCommunity® Comprehensive Immune Support Capsules

This is an excellent product because it has an amazing blend of healing mushrooms to boost and build immunity and cognitive function! This is a lifesaver for cold/flu season. I love to make hot chocolate and open two capsules up and blend into my drink. Our clinical herbalist Jason recommended this to me and it has saved me from getting sick!


Who They Are: Matt Jongbloet

What They Do: Creative Director. Technology continues to re-shape and re-define our lives and relationships.  Matt’s role is to enable people to find their balance and to encourage individuals to become more open, mindful and embodied, in turn, bringing new perspective to their work and to the world.  He is achieving this mission currently through the creative and visual direction he has been providing to Evolver since 2014.


What They Love: Rise Nootropic Supplement!

My pick for the gift guide are these wonderful little capsules are the perfect boost an hour after my morning coffee. Once these kick in I begin to feel more relaxed, focused and ready for the day to day grind!

Who They Are: Jenn Ramirez

What They Do:  Jenn Ramirez is a first generation New Yorker. She loves the arts and connecting with her Andean roots. Focusing on the power of intention and manifestation is her calling and has guided her through her life and garnered her many beautiful healing experiences. She is a musician, and writer in her spare time and is currently the General Manager at The Alchemist’s Kitchen. 

What They Love: Clear Chest by Urban Moonshine 

Clear Chest by Urban Moonshine is my favorite right now! This product blew me away and INSTANTLY gave me relief from the congestion and heaviness in my chest. Elecampane is great for bronchial health so it’s no surprise how effective it is!




Nicole Adriana Casanova

Who They Are: Nicole Adriana Casanova

What They Do: Nicole Adriana Casanova is a writer, poet, and storyteller, a 200 RYT Yoga Alliance certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a certified Reiki Master in the Usui and Karuna Reiki Riojo, a Shamanic Practitioner, a Human Movement teacher, and Magical Awakening Practitioner. Nicole blends decades of expertise in the wellness and holistic field to create one of a kind empowerment experiences in groups as well as one-on-one settings. As a Soul Architect, Nicole bridges practices and teachings from various wisdom traditions around the world, with intuitive knowledge and practical know how to create one of a kind blueprints of empowerment, healing, and remembrance.

What They Love: Peruvian Florida Water is a must-have in my Soul Architect toolbox. Not only does it smell divine- because it does- but the waters help soothe the emotional body, tune the subtle body, and bless the Soul. And who doesn’t want flowers sprinkled all over them? Flowers are my favorite people.

Who They Are: Arielle Hayat

What They Do: Arielle Hayat is a clinical herbalist with three years of intensive training from Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City. She lives to empower and guide her community to a healthier lifestyle that focuses on wellness from the inside out.

What They Love: Catskill Botanical’s St John’s Wort face cream

The item I can’t live without in store is Catskill Botanical’s St John’s Wort face cream. This moisturizing topical for the face immediately softens my fine lines, wrinkles, and simply makes my skin glow. In the colder months my face can get quite dry and red, so I need a balance of moisture and evening out skin tone. All of the ingredients are serving a purpose to benefit the skin in the moment AND long term; the cream is specially crafted by hand in upstate New York (LOCAL). Also, I love that there is a mild sun protection from the St John’s Wort, as I don’t like wearing the chemicals often associated with SPF facial serums. However, even in the winter it’s sometimes helpful to protect the skin from sun damage so this is a wonderful choice to wear all year long!


Who They Are: Zeb Stern

What They Do: My name is Zeb and I’m the operations manager here at The Alchemist’s Kitchen. I’ve been working with this company for almost three years now and am grateful to be apart of this beautiful community. 

What They Love: Cordial Organics Digestive Bitters

My favorite product here has to be the Cordial Organics Digestive Bitters. They help me with digestion and calm an uneasy stomach!

Roshina Jimenez

Who They Are:  Roshina Jimenez 

What They Do: Roshina Jimenez is an event producer at The Alchemist Kitchen.  After work hours, Roshina spends her time deepening her own spiritual practice and developing her passion project, Sisters Of Eastwick.  

What They Love: Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

I discovered The Alchemist’s Kitchen when I was at the very beginning of my spiritual journey.  The Alchemist’s Kitchen was, and continues to be, a healing space that provides refuge from the busy city.  I would never have imagined that I’d become an event producer for this magical business. When people come into the store, and they are looking for stress relief or a remedy to combat anxiety, I’ll recommend an herbal tincture or CBD…but I always follow that suggestion with a deck of tarot cards.  We carry the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans, and those cards are sacred, direct, and mystical. When people are suffering from stress and feeling those overwhelming out of control feelings, the tarot is a transformative tool that allows you to drop in, ground, and connect deeply with yourself.   The tarot isn’t meant to be predictive, but rather, it is meant to show you where you are and what is possible on the other side of fear. The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck is a MUST for anyone looking to nurture a richer connection to themselves, spirit, the universe, and the wild unknown.    

Who They Are: Zamboni

What They Do: I’m Zamboni, an herbalist and astrologer. 

What They Love: Cerebrum by Anima Mundi 

I like stuff that improves concentration, focus, and the ability to learn things, approach complex patterns. I particularly like Cerebrum by Anima Mundi. It’s basically a who’s who of nootropics, with some crowd favorites like Ginkgo Biloba and Lion’s Mane and some underrated greats like Gotu Kola and rosemary. 



Who They Are: Kaylin Brown

What They Do: Kaylin Brown is a graphic designer, product photographer, and occasional writer for The Alchemist’s Kitchen. Forever grateful to align a love of plant-based healing, witchery, activism and conscious living, with her career and design passions.

What They Love: Rose Colored Glasses by Wooden Spoon Herbs

One of my current favorite Alchemist’s Kitchen products is the Rose Colored Glasses tincture by Herbalist (and Appalachian Queen) Lauren of Wooden Spoon Herbs. First of all, as a graphic designer (and tried and true Libra stellium), the product packaging is incredibly beautiful, everything down to the honeyed color of the tincture is beautiful. Rose Colored Glasses is truly Venus energy in bottled form. With rose, milky oats, holy basil, and hawthorn, the effects of this tincture feel soothing, supportive, and mood elevating. It’s alcohol-free, making it the perfect tincture to support any person in your life, including someone who prioritizes sobriety. The taste is sweet and amazing, a huge relief to my loved ones who have had to cope with tasting the more… astringent herbal allies I have advocated for over the years. In other words – buy this for the ‘anti-tinctures-that-taste-bad’ loved one in your life. 


Jackie Braje

Who They Are: Jackie Braje

What They Do: Jackie Braje is a Brooklyn based poet-person, The Programs Director of The Poetry Society of New York, and an associate of The Alchemist’s Kitchen. She believes in poetry and kindness and resides with her shiba inu, Bird. 

What They Love: Myco-Clarity: Mental Clarity & Focus

My favorite product from The Alchemist’s Kitchen is the Myco-Clarity: Mental Clarity & Focus mushroom tincture. Mushrooms have always been my favorite of the herbal fam, and adding a few drops from the tincture with my morning coffee has been greatly beneficial for both focusing better, and for cutting back on my caffeine intake. 



Who They Are: Raisa Tolchinsky

What They Do: Raisa Tolchinsky is the managing editor of the The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s blog. She hails from Chicago and is currently a candidate for an M.F.A in poetry at the University of Virginia. When she’s not working with herbs or writing, she’s boxing, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or trying to find a dog to pet.

What They Love: Elderberry Plus Elixir

Oh elderberry, how I love thee, let me count the ways. As soon as the season turns cold and everyone starts getting sick, I start taking this daily. It tastes delicious and I know it works– I didn’t get sick all last winter! Also, the company is from Maine, which has a special place in my heart.  Definitely my gift guide top pick!

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