Ten Culinary Herbs and their Medicinal Uses

Ten Culinary Herbs and their Medicinal Uses

Herbs that you’re likely to find in any stocked kitchen also possess a variety of medicinal benefits. This blog from Nourished Kitchen lists ten herbs, detailing their flavors, and culinary and medicinal uses, from dill and oregano to lavender and parsley.

Not only is oregano a bold flavor, it comes in handy during the common cold as well:


Characteristics:  Oregano is a short, shrubby herb with small, deep-green leaves.   The leaves have a kind of soft and almost fuzzy texture.
Flavor:  Oregano is bold, deep and strong and the fresh herb is considerably stronger than in its dried form.  It is deeply herbaceous and slightly similar to thyme with faint mint-like undertones.
Medicinal Uses:  Oregano is traditionally used to treat respiratory issues such as stuffy noses and coughs and is an expectorant. In folk medicine, it is also used to treat menstrual cramping and it has very potent antimicrobial activities.

Click here to read the full blog and learn about all ten herbs.

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