Treat Fall Dry Coughs with Herbs

Treat Fall Dry Coughs with Herbs
While fall is accompanied by good things, like brisk weather and lovely colors, it also ushers in the first of cold weather illnesses. As herbal blogger Lesley Tierra explains in this blog via Planet Herbs, fall’s energy is “cool and dry,” giving us coughs that are dry, “even when there’s phlegm stuck deep inside and is difficult to expectorate.”

There are several approaches that suit the different kinds of dry cough one can get with this weather.

For a dry cough from Excess Heat, Lesley recommends loquat leaf:


If the dry cough is from Excess Heat, try loquat leaf (Eriobotryae japonica), useful for both non-productive cough and viscous yellow sputum. It’s fascinating when an herb has opposite functions like this, but loquat’s neutral energy and ability to expectorate and direct Qi downward makes it useful for many cough conditions, including wheezing and asthma. It is often combined with fritillary bulb in a cough syrup.

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