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Leo Full Moon: Finding Pleasure in the Midst of Change

January 28, 2021 — The Leo Full Moon arrives on Thursday, at 11:16am Pacific Time, helping us find our anchors and feel our hearts in the midst of great change. Leo is the playful Lion. He represents our creativity that radiates outwards, transforming our emotions and uncertainty into generous self-expression. The Leo Full Moon brings a passionate reminder to embody these energies.

As many planets line up in Aquarius while Mars conjuncts Uranus, the collective currents have been strong and wild. How can we return to love and pleasure, even as chaos and revolution strike around us?

Instead of cowering in fear and uncertainty, we could rally our courage and innovation, experimenting with art, style, romance, and communication. After all, Venus is conjunct Pluto, deepening and transforming our relationships and creative expressions. We’re releasing jealousy, resentment, fear, and shame, opening the door to powerful intimacy and healing.

With Saturn squaring Uranus, the future is arriving fast, shaking us out of ruts and catapulting us into new rhythms and value systems. The old and stuck are breaking down to make room for something much different, which we’re beginning to create. With the Full Moon in Leo as Saturn conjuncts the Sun, the key now is to feel our feet on the ground, with beaming hearts. It’s time to reach out to loved ones and cultivate more meaningful connections so we can work together to reinvent society.

Meanwhile, with Neptune squaring the Lunar Nodes, our perceptions of reality have been shaky. Escapism and dissociation have become more commonplace, with a large portion of the population buying into false narratives. With fear, paranoia, delusion, and disillusionment crescendoing, it’s more important than ever to remember the simplicity of our own pleasure and personal relationships, reminding ourselves why we love the world. Cooking beautiful meals, watching masterful films, going on long walks, cuddling our animals…. These sorts of simple joys are very supportive now in helping us touch in and feel connected to the world and to each other.

As Jupiter conjoins the Sun, nature is also key to our sanity. Jupiter encourages us to immerse ourselves in the outdoors. We can feel the Earth’s support as we carry forward into electric change. Enjoying the elements, we can remember that we are part of an ecosystem, working together with the Earth synergistically.

As we shift our perspectives to include Jupiter’s great optimism and joy, we can embody the full potentials of this Moon. Embracing our journey of change, we can relish in each step along the way, feeling the excitement of not knowing how it will end. We can even take this opportunity to add our own brushstrokes, helping to shift the collective landscape.

We are moving toward saner, kinder waters, filled with bright visions, freshness, and beauty. It may not be a fluid journey. But we can relax our fears all the while, trusting that we are heading to a brighter future.

On this Leo Full Moon, may we embrace the pleasures, passions, and beauty of our lives, as the throes of change continue to thrash around us. May we remember the power of connection—to the Earth and each other—as we ground into reality, sanity, and joy.

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