The Witch

As a representative of our connection to nature, we are dedicated to celebrating and honoring the witch and empowering the divine feminine. Beyond the natural healer, The Witch represents a connection to our wildness, an exploration of mysticism (and inner magic), a trusting of our intuition, and a declaration of our creative power. Lets celebrate those that bring their ancestral knowledge to the landscape of herbalism, indigenous women, midwives, witches, and the womxn who love and listen to plants.

Shungite being charged in water | The Alchemist Kitchen

Shungite: The Protective Crystal

Shungite is a revered stone of protection and grounding. It is a mineral carrier of fullerenes which are buckyball-like shapes of carbon that are highly discerning. Due to its carbon fullerene rich…

Ostara: The Vernal Equinox| The Alchemist Kitchen

Ostara: The Vernal Equinox

In the Wheel of the Year, time slowly ticks on towards the reawakening of the world. On March 20th, in the wee hours of the morning, the Spring Equinox will occur. Within…

Creating Powerful Love Spells| Alchemy | The Alchemists Kitchen

Creating Powerful Love Spells

Love is in the air and with it comes the undeniable power of the love spell. Sex, held hands, shared kisses– all of this intimacy creates quite an emotional buzz. In witchcraft,…

Man And Woman Practicing Witchcraft

A Beginner’s Guide to Witchcraft

In current media and pop culture, we are constantly exposed to a barrage of imagery both glorifying and stereotyping the practice of witchcraft. This is no surprise, as witchcraft has gone through…

witch in woods social justice

The Witch and Social Justice

To talk about the role of the Witch within social justice, I’d like to begin our conversation by first taking a quick glance at who Witches are…and then further, what a Witch…


Five Questions with Raisa Tolchinsky

Raisa Tolchinsky is a poet, editor, teacher, boxer, and herbalist. She is the founding editor of SIREN Magazine and the managing editor of The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s Wisdom Blog. Her poems, essays, stories, and interviews have…

Create Your Altar

Create Your Altar

Spring has come and with its return, the dance between day and night begins to balance out. As daytime grows longer, the earth receives the light it needs to initiate its next…

Menstrual Magick

Menstrual Magick

Menstruation, or the periodical shedding of the lining of the uterus, still remains very much a mystery to most. As menstrual periods typically occur at intervals of one lunar month from puberty…

The Lover and the Loved Spell

The Lover and the Loved Spell

The goal of this love spell is to release any fear and pain held within the body and heart, and ultimately to open up your life and heart to love through renewed…

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