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Moon Magic: Capricorn Full Moon

Full Moons are a time of culmination and completion of cycles that call our attention to turn inward and reflect on what is no longer serving our growth and development. We are reminded during this time to slow down and allow things to reveal themselves so that healing and transformation can take place. The energy of a full moon is Yin centered; it is a time of rest, reflection, and release to aid in the process of manifestation. Let’s learn how to utilize this energy with the Capricorn Full Moon!

Not too much Fun in the Sun

This Capricorn Full Moon takes place on Wednesday, July 13th, ushering in a little more rigidness to our summertime madness! Capricorn is an earth, feminine, and cardinal sign that likes to build external security through material resources and gains. Very similar to fellow earth sign Taurus, Capricorn values resources and stability. Now is a great time to develop a plan of action toward developing stable opportunities for yourself!

While Cancer wants us to feel and understand our emotional needs, Capricorn asks us to develop physical security through hard work and responsibilities, so that we can further support our emotional needs. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and wants us to take it easy and do things that make us feel safe. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and reminds us that there are consequences for our actions, and work that still needs to get finished. When the two energies come together in opposition we learn to sacrifice and find the balance between how we feel vs how we show up for our duties and responsibilities. 

As we slowly drift out of Cancer season and move into confident Leo, use this full moon to take a step back and create practical steps to complete your goals.  Use the water energy of cancer to inspire you to connect to your intuition and emotional wisdom, but use the earth’s energy to ground and build a solid foundation and structure.  

Ways to Work with this Energy

Get outside in nature! Go for hikes, bike rides, roller skating with friends, or just a simple stroll through the park Gather ideas together and start to brainstorm practical ways of initiating action towards your goals. 

Set up a morning or evening routine to develop some form of discipline to set you up for the rest of the day. A few colors and crystals that represent Capricorn are reds, browns, Obsidian, Tigers Eye, Red Jasper, and Black Tourmaline, to name a few!

Happy Full Moon!

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