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Moon Magic: Gemini New Moon

Time to have fun!

New Moons are the perfect opportunity to initiate new ideas and intentions into the world! We are reminded during this time that when we take action to nourish our mind and body we create fertile ground for new seeds to grow. The energy of a new moon is Yang-centered; it is a time of action, movement, and initiation to aid in the process of manifestation. 

We have a new moon in Gemini on May 30th, 2022 and this New Moon could not have come at a better time! We have finally made our way out of the eclipse season ( at least until October), and now we can move with more hope and excitement for the future! 

Gemini is masculine, mutable, and an air element. Air represents our ability to expand, connect, learn and socialize. Gemini season brings in the energy of freedom and collaboration. After the intensity of our previous eclipses, this Gemini New Moon 2022 is a moment of release and reassurance of a brighter future. Not to mention this new moon comes right before mercury stations direct, and with Gemini being a mercury ruled sign, this can really make way for better clarity around ideas, social networks, and new opportunities. 

Express Yourself

Gemini rules the throat chakra and our ability to listen, understand and communicate to the public. This New Moon brings in the opportunity to re-connect with friends, or new members of our community so that we can gather creative ideas to push forward in the summer. 

Along with being the social butterflies of the zodiac, Geminis are also very curious and great researchers; so if there’s a new project or a plan of action that you have been meaning to take, this energy can bring a more playful and exciting push to get things started.

This new moon comes right before Summer Solstice which gives us the green light to step outside, meet new people, and expand beyond the horizons. We can finally press our shoulders down and feel hopeful for our future with this light new moon energy!

Ways to Work with this New Moon

Gemini is very playful so gathering with friends outside, taking small trips, and discovering new spaces within your community can be a great way to spark creative energy. 

Gemini rules the throat chakra so surround yourself with blue and white for clarity and expression, as well as crystals that help to stimulate the throat such as Clear Quartz, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli ( also great for the third eye, clarity), blue kyanite, and even black tourmaline for grounding. 

Be bold and expansive with this New Moon~ the sky is the limit!

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