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The Magic of Scorpio Season: Horoscopes for The Season of The Witch

Autumn is filled with intrigue and mystery. As the leaves begin their decay into orange splendor, the spirit of The Season of The Witch arrives. Magic reveals itself as we move closer to Samhain, also known as The Witches New Year. It is now that the veil between the human world and the spiritual world grows thinner. It is said that during this time, we can connect with intuition, ancestors, and dwellers of the Otherworld. 

The Archetype of Scorpio:

By late October the Sun marks its entry point into Scorpio, which is deeply connected to The Witching Season. Astrologically speaking, Scorpio literally is The Witch, The Sorcerer, The Ruler of Magic. 

Scorpio governs the eighth house in astrology, which rules the occult, the supernatural, taboo topics, psychic abilities, instinct, and all things hidden. Ruled by the planet Pluto, also known as the God of the Underworld & The God of Destruction, Scorpio is given reign over the processes of death and rebirth, life and decay. These themes are felt during this time of the year. 

Many Scorpios, as well as those with eighth house placements, may agree that they have a natural affinity and visceral connection to their intuition. For Plutonians, their innate intuitive gifts are often the catalyst for deep transformation. 

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Scorpio & The Witch:

Scorpio’s element is a fixed water sign. This element denotes psychic gifts and a propensity to dive deep, excavating truths under the trenches. 

A Witch is someone who is able to work with the darker forces that reside within. A Witch’s power is their ability to transmute and alchemize darkness into intention. 

Both The Scorpion and The Witch are able to transform their physical reality by doing deep work and dancing with their shadows. Scorpios and Witches know that this unfolding reveals their true nature, where the treasure lies.

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The Beauty of Scorpio Season:

Scorpio Season is about change and metamorphosis. The Cosmos wants us to work through our fears; pulling up the dark water from our psyche, and bringing it to the light, allows for true liberation and self-actualization. The Season of the Witch is very much about healing, letting go, and becoming a true energetic alchemist that experiences regeneration. 

During this time, our senses may be heightened. Our relationship with our own personal power may confront our limiting self-beliefs and self-doubts. If we are willing to tap into our Inner Witch, we can harness our true magic, reclaiming our truths. As they say, cast yourself, you are the spell. 

Horoscopes for Scorpio Season:

These horoscopes are based on your Sun & Rising Sign. For a deeper dive, I recommend you look at your Moon Sign & Pluto Sign. You can access your astrological chart at and/or Chani Nicholas.

Scorpio Sun, Rising, Moon:

Dear Powerful Scorpios, The Season of The Witch is your season. The energy of transformation is active in your first house, which governs your physical body, identity, and relationship to yourself. What parts of yourself are you actively willing to heal, let go of, and rebirth? Your Inner Witch is ready to awaken.

Sagittarius Sun, Rising, Moon:

Dear Magical Sagittarians, The Season of The Witch awakens your 12th house of dreams, imagination, solitude, your subconscious, and mystical phenomena. The energy of transformation resides in your willingness to spend time alone, and allow yourself to rest. Subconscious reprogramming, dream journaling, and surrendering to the creative flow will provide deep healing, awakening the Witch within.

Capricorn, Sun, Rising, Moon:

Dear Beautiful Capricorns, The Season of The Witch lights up your 11th house of friends, groups, networking, your big dreams, and wishes. The energy of transformation resides in your connection with others, evaluating what friendships have run their course, and which friendships you decide to deepen. Activate your Inner Witch by writing down your intentions and visions of your future. This is a lovely spell to cast.

Aquarius Sun, Rising, Moon:

Dear Lovely Aquarians, the Season of the Witch ignites your 10th house of career, recognition, and your personal calling. The energy of transformation resides in you going deep within, in order to conjure up the courage needed to regenerate this part of your life. Your place of employment may go through changes, and you may be given new opportunities. Your Inner Witch awakens when you realize you are the cook of your life. 

Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising:

Hello Mystical Pisces’, the Season of the Witch moves through your 9th house of expansion, travel, adventure, knowledge, and faith. The energy of transformation lies in your ability to explore, write, study new topics or anything that elevates your mind. Your Inner Witch resides in your ability to have a mindset of faith and see the bigger picture of your life.

Aries Sun, Moon, Rising:

Hello Dynamic Aries, the Season of the Witch awakens your 8th house of transformation, psychology, tarot, astrology, the occult, and your inner power. The energy of transformation lies in your willingness to deep dive into your psyche, intimate relationships, and esoteric studies. Your Inner Witch awakens when you do shadow work, and peel back your layers. 

Taurus Sun, Moon, Rising:

Hello Abundant Taureans, the Season of the Witch glides into your 7th house of relationships of all kinds; clients, romantic and business partners, and coworkers. The energy of transformation lies in your willingness to look at how you show up in relationships. Your Inner Witch rebirths, when you do the inner work to level up in your relationship with yourself and others. It’s time to let go of the old version(s) of yourself, others still believe you to be.

Gemini Sun, Moon, Rising:

Hello Remarkable Geminis, the Season of the Witch awakens your 6th house of health, work, routines, order, and organization. The energy of transformation resides in your willingness to let go of any self-sabotaging habits in your day-to-day life. Are you getting enough sleep? How is your diet? Are you living out routines that support your evolution? Your Inner Witch reclaims personal power when you work hard at putting order into your everyday environments. 

Cancer Sun, Moon, Rising:

Hello Beautiful Cancerians, the Season of the Witch lightens up your 5th house of creativity, children, having fun, romance, and vitality. The energy of transformation resides in you following your heart and taking more time in expressing your creativity. Your Inner Witch comes alive when you allow yourself to play, open up your heart, and commit to healing your inner child.

Leo Sun, Moon, Rising:

Hello Dynamic Leo’s, the Season of the witch moves into your 4th house of your home, family, real estate, childhood, and the soul. The energy of transformation resides in you digging deep within your home and doing an intense decluttering. Connecting to family on an emotional level will be healing. Your Inner Witch swims to the surface when you connect to your inner emotional needs and listen to how you really feel.

Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising:

Hello Lovely Virgos, the Season of the Witch awakens your 3rd house of communications, your mind, information, learning, socializing. The energy of transformation resides in you improving your communication skills with others and learning new skills. Your Inner Witch comes to life when you become aware of your mind, and the thoughts you think. Choosing to transform negative thoughts into mindfulness will change your life.

Libra Sun, Moon, Rising:

Hello Gorgeous Librans, the Season of the Witch awakens your 2nd house of finances, money, resources, pleasure, and self-worth. The energy of transformation resides in you actively healing your relationship with money and your self-worth. Your Inner Witch awakens when you begin to pay attention to your connection with your body, senses, and nature. Allow your armor to fall away and step into the vibration of abundance. 

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