A Guide to Crystals for Gratitude

Crystal Guide
This season, as we consider practices to connect to our feelings of appreciation, we might go towards ritual, such as spells, prayer, or working with crystals. Crystals can offer a tangible and visible reminder of a gratitude practice, plus, they’re absolutely beautiful to keep around the home. Below, Katherine Stanbury— a modern mystic, yogi, oracle reader, and Reiki crystal healer currently residing at an Ashram in Canada— offers us a guide of crystals for gratitude to work with this season (and beyond)!

Red Jasper: Root Chakra

The blood of the Earth, red jasper is grounding, gentle, and warm. Rooting us deep into Gaia, this stone nourishes and replenishes energy levels. Anchoring the astral body to the physical, this stone is protective and allows one to embrace the profound changes that come with healing. Red jasper nurtures and protects, helping us feel at home wherever we may be. Acts as a contact stone for the beloved Earth God, Pan.

Amber: Sacral Chakra

A fossilized tree resin, amber radiates laughter, vitality, and courage. This stone holds the protective energy of our beloved trees, the guardians of Earth. Radiating the golden ray, amber shines light on new paths as obstacles become the stepping stones of growth. Amplifying one’s life force and physical drive to fulfill one’s destiny of simply being human. Amber can also open inane abilities for animal communication.

Pyrite: Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra

The crystal teacher of sacred geometry; emanating the golden ray of light, this crystal shines through darkness and illusory pain, transmuting old wounds into profound moments of healing. Awakens us to the wisdom within our own soul, instilling drive and determination. A powerful aid in manifestation work, pyrite reminds us to bask in gratitude for the abundance present all around us. Connects personal will to the higher self; bridging the physical and spiritual realms towards enlightenment.

Citrine: Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra

Another great of the crystals for gratitude is citrine.  The stone of abundance and empowerment. Awakens us to our natural gifts, skills, and personal power; helping manifest through integrity the fulfillment of our heart’s desires. Inspires creativity and confidence to follow our own intuition. Citrine is warming, comforting and motivating; instills faith that the Universe provides for all of our needs. Citrine is a powerhouse of energy; a rare breed of crystal that never needs to be charged as it continuously transmutes energy.

Green Calcite: Heart Chakra

Letting go in pure appreciation so that a new cycle may be born. Green calcite is a gentle energy bringing comfort and reassurance; melting away any attachments to old patterns and situations. Restores balance within and around the body; creating a sacred and centered space for rebuilding and manifesting a new life path. Settles heated anger and calms the nerves approaching pain and discomfort with detachment and a higher perspective. Makes space for appreciation and acceptance of all that comes our way.

Amazonite: Throat Chakra

The stone of least resistance; amazonite balances and cools our thoughts and emotions. This stone allows us to see the truth in everything, for all has purpose or it wouldn’t be in existence. Soothing the ego and making space to embrace the divinity within. Teaches compassion and respect for all sentient beings including oneself. A humble stone with magnificent energy to help us flow through the motions of life. Amazonite shows us how to use the voice as a tool to spread love, light, and joy into the world.

Amethyst: Crown Chakra

The physical manifestation of the purifying violet flame; cleansing one of lingering debris. Amethyst magnifies self-awareness, peace, and connection which leads to a sense of unity and oneness with all things. Helps us embrace the spiritual aspects of existence by acknowledging the divine intelligence of the universe. Reminds us to be humble and appreciative for the gift of life. Aids the process of falling asleep and may amplify the dream realm for revelations that lead to healing. A powerful stone for meditation and balancing the mental realms.

Enjoy working with your crystals for gratitude this fall. For more autumn ritual inspiration, check out The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s other offerings.

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