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Moon Magic: Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse

The New Moon Solar Eclipse that we have all been waiting for is finally here! We will have a Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 30th- ushering in new opportunities in relationships, financial stability, and self-care. This pivotal shift in the cosmos will be felt for the remainder of the astrological year. 

What exactly is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse is when the Sun, Moon, and collective North Node are all in the same sign. Essentially, a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with 10X more power.  In this case, the Sun, Moon, and North Node are in the sign of Taurus. A Solar Eclipse can bring in drastic changes that push us on a brand new path towards our purpose. It can sometimes offer change and adjustments that we didn’t see coming. 

The North Node symbolizes the direction we are heading towards, and where we need to focus our energy and efforts. Wherever you have the sign Taurus in your chart will signify the area this eclipse will take place in your life.  

Get out of your Comfort Zone

Taurus is a fixed, feminine Earth sign ruled by Venus. At its highest vibration, Taurus represents stability, resources, balanced relationships as well as values and beliefs. At its lowest vibration, Taurus energy can be stubborn, lazy, obsessive, and glutinous. Taurus loves comfort and stability and has a very hard time adapting to change. This Eclipse WILL require (in some way)   new ways of adapting and thinking. There is no control under eclipse energy; you either adapt or perish. 

Because the energy of a Solar Eclipse is usually intense and unsettling, this is not a good time to manifest. Instead, this is an opportunity to sit back and surrender to the areas of your life that are beginning to shift and trust that the changes taking place are for your greatest good. Be ready to take action and step out of your comfort zone. 

Taurus rules resources, such as money, food, housing, education, connections, etc. If you have not been focussing on these areas of your life, this eclipse will force you to hone in on where you are lacking in these areas. 

Along with physical resources, Taurus also represents beauty, pleasure, self-worth, and values. This is a great opportunity to put yourself first and live your most comfortable peaceful life- however that looks for you. 

Jupiter and Neptune will be in their home sign of Pisces which will sextile all of this Taurus energy offering an abundance and magical dreamy energy!  The best advice I can give is to allow the magic of life to take its course, and trust the changes taking place within this next year will bring greater foundation and stability into your life!

Ways to Work with this Eclipse!

Taurus rules our 5 senses, so surround yourself with beautiful things that make you feel good! Eat good hearty food, and enjoy the company of great friends. Taurus season is a time when the sun begins to shine brighter so truly enjoy your time with people. 

Taurus also rules the heart chakra so spend time doing the things that bring you joy. Roses, rose water or even rose quarts can bring beautiful healing and aesthetics during this moon. Green Aventurine is also a beautiful crystal to work with to help open the heart chakra and develop more faith and trust. 

Write down a list of your values and beliefs, and begin taking action towards having a more balanced life.

And lastly, Cacao is a beautiful heart-opening drink that can also be paired with rose during this New Moon.

Happy Solar Eclipse

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