The season of celebration has returned, seemingly out of nowhere. While this time of year is often a happy one full of parties and quality time spent with loved ones, it may be a particularly challenging time of year for certain people due to increased stress levels and overall fatigue. The holidays can be even more difficult for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress. 

Learn How To Cope With Holiday Stress

Maybe this year, you are looking to address the season a little bit differently and are looking for something more natural. Perhaps you’re wondering, can CBD help manage holiday stress, anxiety, and fatigue? The answer is absolutely! 

One of the most popular uses for CBD is anxiety and stress reduction, so it is no surprise that this natural remedy can support many during this time of year. Specifically, strong evidence suggests that CBD can reduce stress by regulating the vital stress hormone cortisol levels. Research also indicates that CBD may aid in restful sleep, better digestion, lower levels of inflammation, and general relaxation.

With an infinite holiday to-do list comes increased pressure and lower motivation for many of us. This lack of drive means you must take good care of yourself, especially if you feel overwhelmed. CBD could help you manage chronic long-term stress or provide support to find more peace and calm during the holidays.

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Stress and Anxiety

Despite the holiday season’s reputation as “the most wonderful time of the year,” it’s easy to get lost because we are running around with more obligations, fewer moments of downtime, and generally less time for self-care. Many of us feel increased stress during this time of year because we need to create a picture-perfect celebration. Our mental health may suffer because of these problems and continue on all the way through and into the New Year.

CBD seems like it would be a logical fit for helping us deal with the heightened stress and feelings of anxiety that the holidays can bring, and there is some encouraging research in this area.

Anxiety and depression have been linked to your endocannabinoid system (eCS). 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG), one of your endocannabinoids, is essential for controlling your emotions. Initial investigations in mice indicated that low levels of 2-AG caused anxiety and depression, but increasing 2-AG levels had the opposite effect. This data suggests that ingesting CBD, or phytocannabinoids, may assist sustain natural endocannabinoid levels and optimal functioning in the body.

At The Alchemist’s Kitchen, we recommend our CBD for Stress Relief collection which contains products designed with you in mind. From concentrated CBD oils and tinctures to CBD gel caps, this collection has everything necessary to find more moments of serenity this holiday.


Getting enough sleep is often a year-round problem for some. But it becomes even more difficult during the holidays. We all know how important it is to get plenty of sleep before the holiday season so that you can tackle your to-do list and enjoy the festivities without feeling exhausted. Getting enough rest is the most crucial factor in performing at your peak and feeling physically and mentally balanced. Getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep may be a real challenge if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

CBD is not a sedative but helps support your entire body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, leading to better overall health and sleep. The Alchemist’s Kitchen recommends taking our proprietary blend of Sleep Well CBD/CBN Tincture before bedtime if you have difficulties sleeping. If your issue is not the amount of sleep, but the quality of sleep, supporting your endocannabinoid system with CBD may help support a good night’s rest. Sleep Well CBD/CBN Tincture can also be supportive for those nights when you nod off as soon as your head hits the pillow but toss and turn the whole night through.

Digestive Health

For many of us, one of the most significant parts of the Holiday season is indulging (and often overindulging) in our favorite foods and snacks. This can cause your digestive system to have to work on overdrive, especially if you already struggle with digestive health issues. Since CBD benefits the endocannabinoid system, it may also help enhance digestive health.

Our holiday feasts are often accompanied by alcohol, but the hangover that follows is not so merry and bright. CBD has shown great potential for easing the effects of a holiday party, including headache relief, nausea relief, anxiety reduction, antioxidant properties, and anti-inflammatory aid. The anti-inflammatory properties present in CBD can help with any headaches caused by too much indulgence. 

A CBD tincture taken sublingually or a CBD-infused drink will enter the bloodstream the quickest for more immediate relief. Topicals can provide immediate relief for those wary of trying any CBD product.

In addition to CBD, some other herbs and remedies assist with gut health. 

You may wish to visit our popular blog entry on Herbs for Digestion to learn more! For those who prefer non-CBD products, some of our favorites include Turkey Tail Mushroom Tincture and a complete collection of bitters for digestion.

Faster Recovery From Travel

Traveling can be stressful, but holiday travel takes it to another level. To get to our vacation spots, we may struggle through airport crowds only to squeeze into a crowded flight seat. Or maybe you spent hours traveling on snowy roads, listening to children ask, “Are we there yet?” 1000 times. Holiday travel, however you manage it, will leave you exhausted and your muscles hurting.

CBD can help you re-energize and relax tight muscles, allowing you to go from tired traveler to delighted memory maker in no time. Our Cool Soothe CBD Body Cream relieves aching muscles and calms tired travel nerves. Simply apply a tiny amount to problem areas and reapply as needed.

This time of year wasn’t meant to send us into stress overload and feeling depleted. From finding calm after an extended social gathering or simply enjoying some self-care time, CBD can guide you through many of the challenges of the season and beyond. Let CBD be the most powerful gift you give yourself this year.

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