February begins in the wake of the paradigm-shifting Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which arrived last month, bringing all that it promised and more. Here we sit precariously, amid explosions, electric jolts, and great uncertainty. Luckily, February is gentler and slower, allowing us to integrate these shifts while assuaging our fears and anxieties. With Venus meeting Chiron this month, and squaring the nodes on Valentine’s Day, we also have the chance to heal our self-love and relationships—a theme that will continue for the rest of the year.

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Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces on February 16, which is actually good news. It offers significant relief and respite, helping us tend to unfinished business and sort through our confusion. We can take this time to turn inward and reflect, calling on our patience to review and revise old patterns and heartaches.

Later in the month, Jupiter forms his first of this year’s three sextiles to Neptune, which offers peace, restoration, and forgiveness. We can imagine our highest potentials while we meditate, heal, and retreat into stillness. One step at a time, we can piece together the next chapters of our lives as we allow the dust to settle and fresh new skies to emerge from behind the stormy clouds. This month is a temporary and much-needed pause, allowing us to recharge before continuing with this disruptive, transformative, and revolutionary year.


The Leo Full Moon arrives on February 8, reminding us to laugh and enjoy our lives, no matter what. This Full Moon encourages the strength of our spines. Leo places crowns on our heads, helping us sit up straight with open hearts, feeling our courage so we can take risks and share our tenderness with the world. Many don’t realize that enlightened Leo is actually deeply vulnerable. He feels fear but steps up to share his heart anyway, inspiring us with his joyful expression. How can we emulate Leo, stepping into greater confidence in our vulnerability, so we can further embody our authentic selves? We’re expanding our horizons, releasing our egos, and finding ways to offer our talents to the world playfully, for the benefit of all.


February 14 is Valentine’s Day, and Venus, planet of love, is appropriately squaring the Lunar Nodes. It’s a day to address our struggles with relationships and self-worth. We have the potential to feel our wounding for the sake of healing—to find ways to step into more evolved connections that begin with loving ourselves more deeply and fully. We can take this day to hug our inner child and ask her what she wants and needs.


Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces February 16 until March 9, inspiring us to revisit old relationships, unresolved issues, and incomplete projects. It’s time to reexamine them and tie up loose ends, noticing if we’ve skimmed past something important or left somebody hanging. Mars moves into Capricorn on the same day Mercury retrograde begins, lending us ambition and endurance, while also making sure that we finish what we’ve started. With so much upheaval in the world and our lives, this Mercury retrograde could feel quite welcome, encouraging us to slow down and integrate all that’s come up. Confusion and distortion may arise, but Mars in Capricorn helps us test reality and choose our next steps wisely—but now from a place of Piscean compassion and sensitivity. This is a beautiful time to write poetry and songs, play music, dance, and improvise, as we allow our intuition to guide us forward. We can trust our divine unfoldment even if nothing yet makes sense. If we feel uncertain about what to commit to or where to go from here, the key is to lead from our hearts.


The Pisces New Moon arrives on February 23, conjunct Mercury retrograde— emphasizing its themes. Communication issues are up. We’re learning to speak more gently, mending our divides while softening our aggression. At the same time, Mars is on the South Node trining Uranus, while both planets sextile the New Moon. We’re liberating from old aggressions as we forge new paths of togetherness and spiritual expansion. This is a beautiful time to meditate, find stillness, and repair old and broken friendships. We can listen more openly to one another, allowing space for everyone to feel heard, loved, and accepted. This is beautiful groundwork to establish while we continue to face the uncertainty of deep transformation, within ourselves and the world.


February offers shelter from the storms of January, helping us put the pieces back together after the eruptions of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. With Mercury retrograde in Pisces and Mars moving into Capricorn, we can slow down and make peace with all of the changes we’ve been undergoing. We can resolve tensions, mend divides, and return to unfinished business, which we now have the patience and stamina to complete. Meanwhile, a Leo Full Moon early in the month reminds us to enjoy ourselves and create art. Even if we aren’t artists, we can write a poem or sing or dance, sharing our playful expressions with friends and loved ones. No matter the state of the world, joy and pleasure are available to us that will keeps our hearts open—our primary purpose as humans. Healing ourselves while helping to heal the world, we can play and laugh and remember why the world is worth saving. Love is truly ready to open up this year as we evolve our potentials for deeper connection and union. We’re now planting the seeds—beginning with better loving ourselves. If we feel overwhelmed by the electric currents of great change, we can stop to breathe, placing our hands our hearts while connecting with the peace and ease that are available to us always. Luckily, the planets are assisting us—dropping us anchors and clearing our skies before more change continues to rock us. We can now find our legs before continuing our continued journey of upending the old and building a new reality.

With the cold winds of change whipping around us, may we find peace within ourselves and trust our unfolding. May we remember to practice self-love—our strongest anchor—allowing for resilience, tender strength, and mutual shelter through the continued storms of rebirth.

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Juliana McCarthy

For more than twenty years, Juliana McCarthy has been studying and practicing Western Astrology, finding it to be a powerful tool for self-exploration and examining how we relate to others. She loves working with people to help them understand their authentic selves—their complexities, gifts, karma, and life paths. In particular, she finds Astrology to be helpful for major transitions, unexpected life changes, and for better understanding relationships—romantic and otherwise. Juliana also practices Energy Healing, using a blend of Reiki and shamanic methods. She helps facilitate powerful breakthroughs by clearing blockages around physical, spiritual, relationship, and emotional difficulties. A longtime student of Tibetan Buddhism, she's an avid meditator and spiritual practitioner.

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