Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: The Cloud of Unknowing

Today, Mercury stations retrograde at 0º Aries, later turning direct on March 28. Mercury begins his retrograde conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer. He’s revisiting the sign of Pisces for the entire month, submerging us into a period of deep reflection, healing, and review.

Via Ethereal Culture.

While many fear the effects of Mercury retrograde, it’s actually a potent time for dreaming, insights, and connecting with our psychic abilities. This time, the dreaminess and healing potentials are emphasized, as it falls under the influence of Pisces and Chiron. We can take this opportunity to feel into our hearts, discovering our deeper truths that arise from stillness and silence. Themes around truth and deception our up for us to contemplate as we learn to work with our uncertainty and rest in the unknown.


This is a beautiful time to meditate, heal, grieve, forgive, and let go, as we carefully revisit old situations and relationships. This is also a good time for art, music, improvisation, meditation, and channeled work, as we connect more deeply to our psychic abilities, flow, and the unseen. It may be hard to motivate as we feel pulled by our daydreams and fantasies. But we can harness these energies to write poetry, songs, and love letters, and to communicate beyond our everyday language.


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