Here we go a little deeper with one of our amazing makers, Cassandra Posey of Cognitive Function.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and Cognitive Function.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I grew up constantly enamored with exploring and self evolvement. Fascinated by collaborative relationships and connections we have to each other and this planet, I was constantly trying to make sense of it. Cognitive Function was born as a resource to help others understand my realizations, to help others find these connections and show transparency, to uncomplicate the complicated and bring clarity and optimization into our lives. It was my main focus to study myself and others from different walks of life. Amongst all of this bloomed a nutrition channel with the focus of getting us back to our roots, a “re-tox,” if you will. It was my goal to show others how to grab a hold of your mental heath, mindfully eat and move your body all in the name of a happy lifestyle. Cognitive Function is centered around bringing you the bare bone statistics on what you are ingesting and shedding light on how this affects your day-to-day functioning. It’s our commitment to provide you with accurate information for easy application to your everyday and overall lifestyle. We strive to breakdown the difficult and educate others on an easy transition back into a more primitive, minimal lifestyle. We are a research and development company focused on medicinal fungi and plant biology to further our approach to an optimal, holistic life. Cognitive Function believes in leading through education, value brand integrity, and transparency above all. We are constantly striving to innovate, elevate and evolve with our ecosystem at the forefront. 

Why mushrooms?

Mushrooms are the genesis for us humans. They open doors to so many realities to us. Mushrooms offer relief from anxiety realities, relief from sickness realities.  They offer alternate realities and they help to keep us happy and healthy. I believe they bring such an importance to our existence.  

Do you have a favorite mushroom?

It varies hourly. I have a pretty well-rounded routine with all of my daily favorites, which we can get into sometime. But at the moment I have a huge love for Chaga which is semi controversial as it is imperative that we take care in the way we harvest it. It’s the highest antioxidant in the world, supports the immune system and reduces inflammation. I have a theory that we should be consuming medicine until it stops tasting appealing to us, I believe that’s our body’s way of telling us we’ve had an accurate dose. Chaga tastes great to me at the moment, I practically include it in everything. I posted a story the other day where I utilized the tea to make my oatmeal and it tasted fantastic… and I got my mushrooms in early. 

How do you see alchemy and personal transformation in your own life?

Alchemy has always been at the forefront in my life whether it was a personal choice or not. From a young age my mother was curing me with herbs and shoving flax oil into all of my smoothies for healthy brain development. I hated it when I was younger, I felt like the weird kid at school when I’d open my lunchbox full of all the healthy foods– no one would ever trade me a pack of gushers. From a young age I had developmental struggles, (something I think is over diagnosed in today’s society) but years of trying pharmaceuticals to combat these issues posed a false sense of a solution. Had I not gone through all of this I wouldn’t be where I am. All of Cognitive Function’s products stem from years of remedies that have changed my life. Cordyceps are such a special mushroom to me because I believe they were able to heal years and years of damage to my compromised adrenals. I no longer suffer from adrenal fatigue the way I once did. Natural remedies are my life’s dedication.

Do you have any advice for someone trying to get more into medicinal mushrooms? 

Absolutely, I’d encourage everyone to get outside. I believe a huge part of the medicine is the act of moving your body, breathing the fresh air from all the beauty of the ecosystem around us and using this to find what’s around you. Mushrooms have a unique way of manifesting themselves into our lives when we need their medicine most. For anyone curious in outdoor activities, stay attuned to social channels for all that goodness, if you have a hard time getting away for the weekend, we offer tons of classes in cultivation, medicinal mushrooms and general lifestyle changes you can make to feel more grounded. Our community is our greatest asset, we have to stick together. All of our products shed light on all active ingredients, and if you’re curious about more, my IG is loaded with shroom facts. 

Check out Cassandra’s two products, Brain Lube and Cordyceps Ghee

About Cassandra Posey

Cassandra Posey is the founder of Cognitive Function LLC, a company focused on applications of medicinal fungi and plants to further holistic living through comprehensive research and development. Cassandra holds a degree in Visual Arts and Communication, believing the best way to lead is through education. This principle maintained through brand integrity that puts transparency above all. As proprietor of a company that operates under a “People First” mentality, Cassandra is constantly innovating, elevating, and evolving Cognitive Function with our natural and social ecosystems in mind.

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