The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that correspond to the Astrological year. Each Astrology sign is represented by a major Arcana card and 3 minor Arcana cards. When utilizing Tarot it is possible to pinpoint what energies are at work during what time of the year. Today we are going to dive into the Tarot cards of the Astrological summertime. The Astrological year is divided into 10 degree slices known as Decans. Each Decan has a specific planetary and zodiacal pairing. The Astrological summer begins with the Summer Solstice on the first day of Cancer season (June 21st) and ends with the Fall Equinox on the last day of Virgo (September 22nd) into Libra season. 

Astrological symbol of cancer | The Alchemists Kitchen

Cancer the Crab – The Chariot- 7 – Cheth 

Cancer corresponds to Tarot card number 7- the Chariot. The Chariot is a card that represents the inner higher will within the seeker. It represents Cardinal Water which is a rushing, impulsive force loaded with emotional depth. The Chariot itself represents the wheel of life that binds the soul to the wheel of karma. The charioteer represents the seeker/asker of the Tarot question on life’s journey. The Hebrew letter attributed to the Chariot is Cheth (Khayth) which means field or fence. Cheth represents the container for the spiritual essence of the soul within the body. As we move closer to divinity, the enclosure of the soul opens gradually to higher light. The lesson of Cheth is the lesson of overcoming barriers or obstacles within life to continue the soul’s progression to ascension.

When this card appears in a positive position it will indicate that the seeker will soon be on a quest for greater life meaning. The aspirant will feel a general inclination for the non-tangible emotional depths of reality that can only be felt with the Heart Chakra. If this card appears reversed it will indicate that the seeker has not properly planned their soul’s journey, the seeker may place over-emphasis on relationships with little emotional depth, and the user may adhere to toxic social contracts to fulfill the heart. 

Cancer Season Minor Arcana Cards 

Cancer Week 1 (0-10 degrees) – 2 of Cups – Love 

The 2 of Cups represents the energy of sensual Venus in the sign of Cancer. It is typically depicted as the “falling in love” card whenever it comes up in a reading. When Venus is in Cancer the general vibe is to indulge in material comforts, sensuality, emotional sharing, and family affairs. If this card comes up in a Tarot reading it may indicate that the aspirant may fall in love, may spend time with close relatives, may find a general love for life, and may connect to universal love. When this card is ill-dignified(reversed) the seeker will be overly passive, overly indulgent, and may be guarded in inter-relationship dynamics. 

Cancer Week 2 (11-20 degrees) – 3 of Cups – Abundance 

The 3 of Cups represents Mercury in Cancer. It is a card of communicative emotional energy and it may indicate a reunion or gathering in the aspirants near future. Mercury is the planet of communication that adheres to higher learning and esoteric secrets. When Mercury is in Cancer, people feel inclined to share their emotions and may be open to making new interpersonal connections. This card is a wonderful talisman for people who are unable to speak their truth in life. It may help people find the words they need to convey their heart’s feelings.

When this card appears reversed it may indicate a situation with poor communication that does not nourish the heart. In general, this card warns against extravagance in group dynamics. This card evokes a good time at a party with a chance for a fateful encounter. 

Cancer Week 3 (21-30 degrees) 4 of Cups- Luxury 

This card represents the Moon in Cancer. The Moon is exalted in Cancer and controls the tides of water. This card indicates a need for flux and change within the seeker’s situation. The 4 of cups indicates a waning emotional situation that must be transmuted before stagnation occurs. The party has ended and now we must adhere to the responsibility of cleaning up our trash. Neglecting to adhere to life’s responsibilities in favor of emotional comfort may eventually lead to stinky water (stagnation). This card may appear when the seeker is bored with life and needs to set new goals for inspiration. In reverse this card may indicate a deeper lack of motivation in life, and an inclination to reject new experiences for more familiar emotional comforts. 

Astrological symbol of leo | The Alchemists Kitchen

Leo the Lion- Lust/Strength- 8 or 11 (Deck Dependant)

The Strength card generally indicates a zest for life with a “Carpe Diem” type of attitude. It is related to the Astrological sign of Leo and represents Fixed Fire which is a calming flame that can be tamed for greater purpose (like a furnace). The Hebrew letter associated with Strength is Teth which means Serpent.

The Serpent represents the dualistic nature of life in its higher and lower expressions. The lower expression of the Serpent represents sexuality, survival instincts, and material lust. The higher expression of the Serpent represents Kundalini rising energy, a desire for higher learning, and service to others. Strength represents harnessing the animal spirit nature within man for a higher purpose. If the card appears ill-dignified the seeker will be enamored with animalistic material pursuits and may also be overly aggressive in nature. 

Leo Week 1 (0-10 degrees) 5 of Wands- Strife 

5 of Wands is represented by the planet Saturn in the sign of Leo. Saturn and Leo are generally seen as uncomplimentary to each other due to their conflicting nature. Leo generally wants to be free with its Fiery expression while Saturn wants to be cold, dense, and limiting. Thus, this card represents a struggle between freedom and life’s responsibilities. When this card appears in a reading it generally represents an area of stagnation in the querent’s life. The querent is usually unable to make adequate life progress because their responsibilities are overbearing. It may indicate an approaching argument or conflict in the querent’s life. The reversed meaning of the card is an increased emphasis on the conflict aspect of the card. In reverse, the querent may shy away from life’s hardships and allow the situation to degenerate further. 

Leo Week 2 (11-20 degrees) 6 of Wands – Victory 

The second decan of Leo is ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of expansion. When Jupiter is in Leo, we may indulge in spontaneity that brings growth into our lives. This energy is

conducive to starting projects with long term growth potentials. Since Leo is a Fixed Fire sign, it gives Jupiter the staying power it needs to see its expansion to fulfilment. This card is generally an indicator of a success that can lead to future growth. It represents harmony between action and planning. It may also indicate public recognition as a direct result of the seeker’s actions. In reverse, this card may indicate a sense of an inflated ego that impairs the seeker’s growth. The reversed meaning may also indicate the seeker has a low sense of self confidence and is trying to achieve too many goals at once. 

Leo Week 3 (21-30 degrees) 7 of Wands – Valor 

The third decan of Leo is ruled by Mars, the planet of War and Masculinity. Mars in Leo may indicate that the seeker will undergo challenges, competitions, and get fired up. It is a double masculine energy card and its energy can be transmuted into exercise and achieving great feats with the physical body. It may also indicate that the seeker has increased their status in life and is now met with new challenges that were previously invisible to them. With this card in the upright position it will indicate that the seeker has great perseverance in their current situation. In reverse this card indicates a fall from grace, inability to stand up for oneself, and energy running low. 

Astrological symbol of virgo | The Alchemists Kitchen

Virgo the Virgin – The Hermit- 9 

The Hermit card represents the entirety of Virgo season. Within the Hermit card lies the energy of stillness, inner light, seasonal harvest, Mercury, and nourishing rest. The Hebrew letter attributed to the Hermit is Yod. Yod is the foundation of the Hebrew alphabet and serves as the basis for all letters within its system. Yod means Hand and is the seed of Tetragrammaton’s energy. The Hermit card generally indicates a need for rest from a situation to gain a better perspective. Well dignified, the Hermit will allow the seeker to express their true inner light with the proper given time. It may indicate a delay in the situation but for good cause.

Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mercury. While the Hermit card instills a quiet temperament, the energy of Mercury is highly communicative. The Hermit card indicates a need for higher communication with the GodHead/Source to understand one’s true reason for incarnation. This type of communication can be expressed through prayer, meditation, or solitary personal growth. If the Hermit appears reversed in a reading, it may indicate a general avoidance of the situation, being out of touch with your inner purpose, being overly private, and being single while wishing to be in a relationship. 

Virgo Week 1 (0-10 degrees) 8 of Disks/Pentacles- Prudence 

The 8 of Disks card represents Sun in Virgo energy. This card generally represents small growth occurring at a stable rate like a seed that makes growth progress daily. It may indicate receiving a small gift or small monetary gain that can be used for future growth. The energy of this card invokes the feeling of a small project eventually scaling into a larger more prosperous one if the seeker remains true to their higher purpose. True material growth takes time, but progress can be made daily as eventually a breakthrough will occur. Well dignified, this card reassures the seeker in adopting a patient approach to their monetary growth. In reverse this card indicates an unproductive haste in projects, and too much energy being applied to 1 area of life.

Virgo Week 2 (11-20 degrees) 9 of Disks/Pentacles – Material Gain 

Venus in Virgo represents the energy of the 9 of Disks. This card generally indicates a period of improvement in all aspects of life. It may pertain specifically to improvement within the physical body’s health or monetary improvement. There is a good indicator of a successful project leading to a large financial payout. In reverse this card indicates reckless money spending, slandering others to gain status, and a general lack of financial security. 

Virgo Week 3 (21-30 degrees) 10 of Disks/Pentacles- Material Wealth 

The 10 of Disks is the last card of the Minor Arcana sequence. This decan is represented by Mercury in Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo so this card embodies communicative material energy. It indicates a need for transmutation after a great cycle as reached completion. It may indicate a large financial improvement or a need to spend a large amount of money to improve a living situation.

This card may also indicate a start of a new business venture with an opening investment cost. It is both a high energy card and a low energy card. Its energy is akin to soil’s ability to sustain life while also being the lowest low. In upright position this card indicates a positive change of wealth, improvement in physical well being, and spending money with good intentions. In reverse this card indicates failing health, lack of communication about problems, and squandering money after working hard to obtain it. 

Each of the 3 Summertime Zodiac signs embody a different elemental energy. The Decans allow us to hone in on which planetary influences are heightened or weakened during any given time of the year. Planning a new business venture during Virgo season may be more conductive than starting in Cancer season as there are more Earthly influences at play. Once a greater understanding of the Decans has been achieved it is possible to plan your life around the planetary influences for greater success. 

Summertime Tarot and Astrological Pairings | The Alchemists Kitchen
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