The Astrology of November 2018: Hope Returns

We begin November from deep inside Scorpio’s underworld. Like falling leaves, veils have been dropping, revealing repressed feelings and hidden truths. At this point, plunging the depths is so familiar—even exhausting. Jupiter has been visiting Scorpio since October of 2017, exposing our collective underbelly—particularly relating to abuse, sexuality, and power. But this month, so much is ready to shift.  

via Ethereal Culture:

Jupiter finally changes signs on November 8, moving out of Scorpio’s shadows, into bright, optimistic, and truth-seeking Sagittarius. The Nodes are also changing, moving along the Cancer-Capricorn axis, adjusting our paths forward. We’re officially beginning an era of the empowered feminine while we continue to clear karma around patriarchy, intolerance, and other massive systemic problems.

Venus also stations direct mid-month, ushering us forward in the realms of love, relationships, money, and values. After a difficult and confusing journey, we can now feel the blessings of greater resilience, balance, openness, and restored hearts. All the while, we can remember that the main theme of the month is expansion. We’re finding the courage to open to greater and greater truths, broadening our minds, and celebrating our deepest wisdom, with humor, joy, and hope.


On November 6, the nodes change sings. The North Node moves into Cancer, while the South Node—always directly opposite—moves into Capricorn. The North Node is our true path forward, while the South Node represents where we’ve come from, and the karma we still need to resolve. For the past year and a half, the nodes have been moving through Leo and Aquarius, calling on us to offer our talents to the world for the benefit of all. We’ve been learning to embrace our authenticity and uncertainty, while we break away from the status quo.

In Cancer, the North Node is now pointing to home, intimacy, and our roots, encouraging us to explore how we relate to our deepest emotions and relationships. We’re now much more focused on tribe and family, empowering the nurturing feminine within each of us to lead the way forward. In Capricorn, the South Node is clearing issues around patriarchy, emotional repression, and our shackling to the past. The way to liberate now is to feel what we feel, dislodging any stuck emotions and conditioning. We’re rapidly untangling the notion that emotions are weakness, as we embrace our vulnerability as our true strength.


A Scorpio New Moon arrives on November 7, forming a harmonious and healing trine with spiritual Neptune. The nodes, Jupiter, and Uranus all change signs around this lunation, bringing emphasis to the feelings of newness. Uranus squares the nodes just before returning to Aries, showing us where we’ve been out of alignment with our genuineness. Revelations could strike, big changes erupt, all leading us back to our true path. 

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