Selenite is a premier crystal of intuition and lucid dreaming. It is primarily a lunar-based crystal that brings clear white light energy to the user. Selenite primarily comes in 2 variations: White Selenite, and Orange Selenite. Orange Selenite is attuned to the Sacral Chakra and can be a wonderful facilitator for self-acceptance. All variations of Selenite can be used for lucid dreaming, energetic protection, and divination. 

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a form of Gypsum that grows in tabular shapes. Selenite was originally named by J.G Wallerius in his 1747 book “Mineralogia, eller Mineralriket”. The etymology of Selenite originates from the Greek word σεληνη (seleni) which means Moon. It scores a 2 on the Mohs hardness scale meaning it is a soft mineral that can be damaged easily. Selenite is widely available and can be mined globally. Oklahoma State is famous for its unique “Hourglass Selenite” specimens which form transparent hourglass-like shapes within the crystal. The brown hourglasses are formed by the iron oxide deposits in the soil where Oklahoma Selenite forms. Hourglass Selenite was named the state gemstone of Oklahoma in April 2005. 


The most striking feature of White Selenite is its opulent moon-like sheen. Specimens are commonly found tumbled, raw, and spheres. Selenite is generally self-cleansing and does not require water to be cleaned. It is one of the few crystals that can be damaged by water exposure. Gypsum is a mineral that is susceptible to losing its structural integrity when exposed to large amounts of water. Tumbled Selenite is the safest form for everyday carrying as it will be less susceptible to cracking. Other variations of raw selenite may work better as part of an altar or grid due to their fragility. 


Selenite bestows upon the user the gift of mental flexibility. It is associated with the Wind element, the Crown Chakra, and the Third Eye Chakra. Selenite may be used as “a sword of awareness, cutting through unconscious assumptions and promoting reconnection between the conscious self and the mystic which lives within the super consciousness” (Melody). As Selenite is a stone of awareness, the user may find themselves slipping in and out of the meditative state easily when working with it. Meditating with Selenite may bestow upon the user the knowledge of possible futures stemming from the present moment.

Combine Selenite with any grounding stone such as Black Tourmaline, or Shungite to counteract any feelings of ungroundedness that may arise from associating with higher chakra energy. Selenite is synergistic with Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Seraphinite. Utilizing Selenite with other Crown Chakra, and Third Eye crystals may help to unlock psychic gifts within the user. 

A piece of selenite used to charge other crystals.

Common Uses of Selenite

Selenite rods can be used as a wand to direct energy to crystal grids or to smudge the aura by wiping. Smaller crystals may be placed onto a Selenite rod to be charged and cleansed.  It is common practice to adorn Selenite rods with smaller crystals with copper wiring to enhance the energetic aura of the collective crystals. Selenite rods may be placed between a mattress board to facilitate dreaming. Wand shape selenite may be placed upon a patient’s back to facilitate removal of energetic stagnation along the spine.  

Spherical Selenite may be used as a scrying tool for intuitive impression work. Simply gaze within the Selenite sphere until the inner striations begin to dissolve and move. Selenite spheres can also be used to facilitate acceptance of Divine Feminine Yin energy. As spheres are a Yin shape, the sphere will help to balance the feminine energy of the user. Selenite spheres may be used to enhance the clarity of a Tarot divination session by placing the sphere near the cards during the reading.

Selenite Ritual 1

Smudge your aura with a Selenite wand utilizing a wiping motion. From head to toe, point the wand at your body and imagine the wand removing any murky stagnant energy from your aura. Visualize your aura as a glass window that is being wiped clean by your selenite.  Selenite smudging can energetically set the stage for Reiki, massage, and meditation. 

Crystal healing therapist holding white polished selenite crystal wand. 

Selenite Ritual 2 

Combine Selenite with the High Priestess Major Arcana Tarot card to begin integrating the subconscious mind in meditation. The Moon symbolically represents the subconscious mind, the shadow self, as well as another major aspect of the divine feminine. Working with Selenite and The High Priestess can aid the user in recovering Information that may be long forgotten or repressed within the mind. These two symbols may also be used as an astral journeying tool to begin to experience visions from the higher self, or spirit guides. 

How to Choose Your Selenite

Setting an Intention 

If you are looking for increased dream clarity, restful sleep, and psychic learning, then Selenite may be the crystal ally for you. As it is a dreaming stone, Selenite can be used to ward off nightmares for young children when placed into their bedrooms. If you are looking to manifest your dreams into the waking world, then Orange Selenite may be the crystal ally for you. White Selenite promotes meditation and passive learning via sleep. Orange Selenite facilitates taking action in the physical world to act out your subconscious dreams. 

Where to Buy Selenite

Selenite is a fairly common crystal to find in stores. It is typically found in a raw wand shape, tumbled, or as a sphere. Selenite necklaces or earrings may be worn to facilitate upper Chakra stimulation. Carrying a Selenite in your pocket throughout the day is a fantastic way to passively receive Selenite’s energy. 


How to cleanse Selenite?

Smudging Selenite with White Sage and Palo Santo can be a safe way to cleanse the crystal. Moonlight and Sunlight may also be utilized to charge the crystal. Gently wiping Selenite with a cloth or towel is sufficient for removing dust or loose shards. It is one of the softest stones available, so handle your specimens with great care. 


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Selenite Mineral Data: 

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