Virgo Full Moon: A Healing Crisis

Virgo Full Moon

March 9, 2020 — The Virgo Full Moon arrives on Monday at 10:47am Pacific Time, eliciting a potent and humbling period of purification. It’s time for great karmic rectification as we reach painful crescendos in the realms of health, consciousness, and the Earth. Neptune is conjunct the Sun while opposing the Virgo Moon, and veils are lifting. This is a significant moment for determining how to proceed moving forward, as we find the balance between discernment and surrender.

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Chiron is squaring the lunar nodes, triggering healing crises of all kinds, within ourselves and the natural world. At the same time, Venus is conjunct Uranus, and we may experience surprises or breakthroughs around money, love, relationships, and creativity.

From our karmic shadows, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are emerging as supportive players for this Full Moon. No matter how intense we may feel, we can trust that all that is happening is for the sake of positive transformation. That’s not to diminish the pain, fear, or paranoia we may feel. But the planets are calling us to step into greater power, surrender, and awakening. They’re asking us to own and forgive our mistakes, and to work hard toward rectifying them—for the sake of ourselves and our planet.

With strength and gentleness, can we acknowledge and forgive our mistakes, making better decisions moving forward? Can we release our control, trusting the universe and our unfoldment, no matter what?

Virgo is the humble servant, who’s working constantly toward self-improvement and spiritual perfection. She’s keeping us on our toes, making sure we don’t falter from our hard work and pure intentions. But with Neptune featuring so strongly, we might remember to stop and drop into our hearts. As we embrace ourselves, imperfections and all, we can feel into our true nature and our innate connections to profundity—our limitlessness, which can never be diminished or harmed.

We’re continuing forward, building the world we want to see, allowing the old paradigm to fall away to make room for the new. We can now call on the Virgin’s enlightened potentials. She reminds us to offer our lives to be of benefit so we can create enlightened society—making sure that all beings have the basic needs met, just because they breathe.

This way, we can all relax into greater awareness and compassion, as a society. And one day in the future, when all beings have attained enlightenment, we can transcend together—not only remembering our oneness on Earth, but becoming oneness—returning home.

On this Virgo Full Moon, may we embrace our potentials for healing, humility, and service. Remembering our purest intentions, may we love ourselves and the world unconditionally, as we are—while vigorously improving them with diligence, acknowledgment, and heart.

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