John Lennon’s song “Imagine” produces this structure in a water molecule.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the renowned Japanese philosopher and scientist, spent a lifetime studying the molecular structure of water from sources around the world. It is his work that has inspired an emerging worldview that water is not simply an essential hydrator and solvent, but is deeply associated with our individual and collective consciousness.

Emoto’s experiments exposed water to what are considered positively and negatively charged words, music and intentions and then flash froze those water molecules for viewing under a high-powered microscope. The breakthrough results, first seen in the movie “What The Bleep?” awakened open minded scientists and water lovers across oceans to inspire additional explorations into the relationship between water and consciousness.

The word “HOPE” written on a bottle of water creates a beautifully structured water molecule.

The Secret: Water mirrors consciousness

One of the great secrets of water is that it responds to consciousness and may very well have consciousness of its own. If it were only to respond to consciousness, then it has receivers that respond to stimulus such as a subtle magnetic or electrical field. Therefore, words and intentions have subtle fields of their own. As long as you are in your body, you have an unending supply of energy, and every thought and intention is shaping your water based environment.

The water awakening is already happening and it’s now necessary to redefine what we consider “good water.” Do we want chemicals in our water? Lithium is being discussed as an additive for mood enhancement. Do we want dead, coagulated water that has been in a bottle leeching chemicals for 6 months before drinking it and what is in that water to keep it from growing bacteria as it sits in the bottle?

Waters has gone from passive importance to keep us from dehydration, to an active role in energy enhancement, detoxification, electrical balance of cells and revitalization.  It’s 75% percent of the Earth’s surface and its 75% of the human body.  Both the earth and it’s inhabitants are having  mirrored  experience in working through toxicity and discord. With this new knowledge, we can choose to use our intentions to make water as an agent of healing and growth.

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

There are rivers running through you that your unconscious mind manages without you giving it a thought. As you read this, your eyeballs (made of over 90% water) are allowing you to perceive and process these words through your brain (made of 80% water.) A slight decrease (and thankfully  correctable) of water in the brain, and your metabolism slows, important life functions decrease, and warning signs, known as “symptoms,” show themselves, including lethargy and fuzzy thoughts.

Just over 2% dehydration and the body slips rapidly down hill. With low body water percentage, our  system recycles as efficiently as it can, but the water is already depleted or tired from it’s use. If consistent mild dehydration is a cause of impaired function, then what would life be like with proper hydration?

Water Is The Basis For All Food

You can eat clean, healthy, organic foods and decide to be consciously thankful for it or it can be eaten unconsciously while under emotional stress.  What if you could make your food even healthier by taking just a moment to insert love and thanks here in this moment? What if the basis for major religions blessing and gratitude before meals once meant more than doctrine? What if it was to super charge food by structuring its water and raising its energy and nourishment?

Love Your Water

Emoto’s discovery of water’s key role in our evolution gives us the option to choose to be purposeful, and use each thought knowing is will be broadcast. A very wise man asked me, “How much change do you want to make in the world?” Once I came to the answer, he said, “Then your answer is simple. Every thought and feeling is an opportunity.”

As a living resonator and transmitter, your thoughts and feelings create the frequency for the water molecules, while the water itself multiplies and amplifies your inner choices through its new structure like trillions of micro-speakers. Those intentions and thoughts are vibrating and changing the water in the people around you. Humans will always unconsciously affect each other’s water. Once you have made your personal water well pristine, notice the kind of people and experiences are drawn to you.

Choose Happy

If we choose to hold happiness within us it becomes our default. This is how we take back our power.  Choose a positive thought. Feel it, speak about it, visualize it. You are now a creating the better world that your heart has been asking for.  Don’t be misled into believing water structuring is just laboratory science to forward and forget in the vacuous social media rabbit hole. This is one of our most powerful tools to transform and create and tools are meant to be used.

Below is a small image of one of Dr. Emoto’s water molecule with negative intentioned words placed on the bottle. Fortunately, when the intention is changed the water becomes healthier.

Don’t look at it for long, because imagery affects consciousness, as well (which always makes me question why there are so much horror  and stress inducing programing on television.)  The top   picture is intentionally small so it doesn’t stay with you, while the ‘positive’ one below it is intentionally large so it’s easily remembered. If you could choose, which would you prefer for yourself?

You make me s*ck. I will k*ll you

Love and Thanks

As much as possible, it’s worthwhile to focus and keep in mind the bigger picture. Knowing what the imagery looks like, you also know that each of us can change someone’s frequency in mere seconds, just by giving love and thanks.  It’s so subtle until the wave builds high enough and your sensitivity increases, and then it’s obvious. You will know who is transmitting more love and who needs to receive it from you to give them a lift in the right direction.

The Challenge Is 12 To 36 Seconds A Day

Before I sign off, I would like to offer you a challenge. Set an alarm to ring once per waking hour to remind you to think good things about someone. Cherish them, thank them, remember a happy time with them. This thought can be for just a second, but I assure you that it’s worth giving it a few. Trust your subconscious and let it be whoever comes to mind. You have the option to tell the person you are thinking about that you are doing this. Or don’t tell them. It’s completely up to you.  Ask your friends to do the same thing and help the healing revolution. Pass it on.   #evolverwater

We are here to evolve. Water with the addition of proper intention is one of our most important, sacred and always available tools. Please share this message.


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Dr. Bill Kalatsky is a New York City based Chiropractor, Energy Worker, Educator and Speaker who focuses on freeing up energy and patterns in the mind, body and spirit. Dr. Bill works with water, nutrition, and frequency based healing modalities, along with conscious lifestyle coaching, including meditation and clean, nourishing organic foods.


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