Alchemist’s Kitchen Plant Alchemy Partners with NY-Based Hudson Hemp

Alchemist's Kitchen Plant Alchemy Partners with NY-Based Hudson Hemp

The Alchemists Kitchen is proud to be sponsoring a ground-breaking partnership between our Plant Alchemy CBD concentrates and Hudson Hemp, a leading outdoor grower of superbly cultivated full spectrum CBD flower right here in New York State.

As a leading destination where our customers and community can become informed to the power of plants and educated to the medicinal benefits of CBD we believe that the stewardship over source, ingredients, cultivation, and the social values inherent in strong partnerships with our suppliers is mission critical.

Plant Alchemy celebrates the world’s diversity of plants, working with farmers, botanists, and herbalists to create a new generation of plant-based botanical medicines and herbal remedies. 

Hudson Hemp is an association of farmers located in New York’s Hudson Valley. The association puts its focus on regenerative agriculture and soil science to produce organic sun grown hemp. They partner with leaders in the industry to process their harvest into top quality hemp oil distillate and isolate. The mission is to build new life and ecosystems that replenish and strengthen the land’s resources for years to come.

Our team of resident herbalists are available to answer your questions on how our offering of our plant-based products can be of help to you to optimize mind, body and spirit.  We invite you to ask questions, and engage.

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