Decolonizing Magic: Interview with La Brujas Club Founder Nathalie Farfan


Nathalie Farfan is the founder of La Brujas Club, a mystical society that highlights the magic in sisterhood, bringing women of all backgrounds together under one room to connect on a spiritual level to source, an empowering and connecting through community. Their goal is to dismantle colonization and cultural appropriation by promoting a belief ecosystem that returns spirituality to its roots, highlighting the magic in sisterhood.

In this interview, Nathalie discusses her relationship to spirituality and magic, how a period of darkness lead to her creating La Brujas Club, the future of La Brujas Club, and more.

When did you first start engaging in spiritual/magical practices? 

Spiritual and magical practices were all I knew growing up. My mom Ana was a bruja in more ways than one. She read tarot, lifted spirits, and participated in many rituals. My Saturday mornings were at local botanicas.

Soon after my moms death in 1998, when I was only 15, I felt lost with, no dad in sight. This became my way back in to a place that felt like home. I really started practicing brujería after college.

What inspired you to create La Brujas Club? 

La Brujas Club sparked in me during my most depressed days in the city of Angels (Los Feliz, LA), circa 2011. I was in an unhealthy relationship with a misogynist, and felt so suppressed and in dire need for female empowerment, from women that could relate. Two years later, I built the courage to share it with the world. My dreams for the legacy of this community and its participants is to decolonize their minds through magic and conversation so much that they reach their highest calling. I also wouldn’t mind seeing our fellow brujas being recognized in history books for changing the world for the better and passing down our truth. I love to dream, and anything is possible when using the right tools to manifest.

La Brujas Club just recently had its 21st gathering. Can you tell us a little bit about what these different gatherings have consisted of? How have they evolved along the way? 

Ahhh, yes – time flies!

They consisted of real conversation around WOC’s ancestors, and the medicine that belongs to our land yet considered “alternative.” It was and still is about bringing women of color and LGBTQ community under one roof in order to decolonize spirituality and mobilize as brujas for a better tomorrow.

They evolved in that there are more and more women (and men) from all countries participating, and they range in ages. The crowd has gotten bigger, and so has the love and honesty. I love my brujas and all their cultural nuances – it’s what separates La Brujas Club community from all others.

What’s your vision for the future of La Brujas Club? 

My vision for LBC is to make it into a marketplace, a resource, where all can tap into their intuition and heal through community.

How does your Latin heritage inform your relationship to magic and La Brujas Club?

Bruja in Spanish means witch. Latin America and my culture is in tune with magic, though many live in shame due to the colonization aka Catholicism. Being bruja is about telling the narrative of your ancestors and decolonizing it. I live that in my life by reviving community and creating a safe place for WOC to heal.
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