Dreaming with Mugwort

Dreaming with Mugwort

If you’re looking for vivid dream explorations, you may want to try some mugwort, whose botanical name, Artemisia, is appropriately named after the lunar goddess. As explained in this blog extolling the many benefits of this herb on Flower Folk Herbs, mugwort is “well known for its ability to impart vivid dreams and to promote creative meditation.”

Try this recipe for making a dream tea before bed:

Mugwort Dream Tea

Here’s a lovely tea that I like to make after dinner to help wind down before bed-time, and to ease me into the dream world:

1 part linden
1 part lemon balm
½ part oat tops
¼ part mugwort
small pinch of lavender

Let steep for at least 15 minutes. Sip mindfully and breathe in the vapor of the tea, and see if you don’t have a very deep night’s sleep, with dreams that you remember the next day.

Click here to read more about Mugwort at Flower Folk Herbs.

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