Libra New Moon: Peace, Love, and Karmic Rectification

Libra new Moon

Image by Katherine Bradford

September 28, 2019 — The Libra New Moon arrives on Saturday at 11:28am Pacific Time, bringing fresh starts around love, relationships, and harmony. The planets are calling us to join together to heal our divides, with openness and neutrality. The New Moon occurs right as Saturn forms his third and final conjunction with the South Node. Over the past six months, Saturn has been eliciting serious heaviness, forcing us to sort through old karma. We’ve been working hard to unstick from outworn patterns and habituations, and to recognize the pain of our limitations, wounding, and conditioning. In many ways, we’re now ending this period of karmic compression, as we move into a new phase of justice, balance, and peace. The sensitives among us have felt the pain of this collective work, as thousands of years of oppression have moved through us for the sake of rectification.

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Now, on a personal level, we might ask ourselves:

Have we been projecting our own unresolved pain onto others? Playing blame games as we fail to acknowledge our own mistakes? Have we been caught in old habits and paradigms, from which we’re finally ready to break free?

As we face ourselves more honestly, we can listen to each other and take greater accountability. From here, we can forge more meaningful connections. We can work together to establish equilibrium in the world, as karma ripens and we finally let go of old stories, beliefs, and patterns.

Chiron is opposite this New Moon, and we’re deeply healing our fears of rejection and partnership as we step into new interpersonal dynamics that embody more compassion and peace. The planets are also supporting us in mending the rifts between the feminine and masculine, both within ourselves and in the outer world. We’re redefining our relationships—healing wounds around love, partnership, and dating, as we find healthier ways of deepening our bonds.

At the same time, we’re learning to accept what is right in front of us—how we look, our emotional messiness, and beautiful mistakes. This is not the kind of acceptance that requires us to have glossy eyes of love and light, but one that allows for our perfect human imperfection.

On this Libra New Moon, may we muster courage to receive the hard lessons of the past six months. May we take our newfound wisdom and join together to establish justice, sanity, and change—forging healthier relationships as we build a whole new world.

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