Venus is the glowing reflection of our feelings about beauty, relationships, and love. It represents our pleasure sources, creativity and how we express this part of ourselves. This planet’s placement in our natal chart reveals what we love, how we love it, and why. It can also point to our idealized version of love and how we are most likely to fall under illusions.

Whether you’re looking up your romantic compatibility during Valentine’s season or just want to learn more about yourself when it comes to love, Venus demands your attention year-round.

Here’s what your natal Venus sign says about your love style:

Aries: Natal Venus in Aries loves excitement and a good chase. Venus in Aries loves the game of love and all it entails, especially in the early stages when they feel like they have won someone over. Relationships can be somewhat impulsive but above all, they should be exciting, pleasurable and playful. Venus in Aries natives often appreciate a lover who is active and athletic, and even a bit dominating.

Dream 1st Date: Playing a competitive game and making a sexy bet for the loser and winner.

Taurus: For Venus in Taurus natives, there are five steps to seduction: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, and the two are right at home together with silky sheets and a tray of chocolate strawberries. A Taurean Venus will take their time when it comes to new relationships and commitment, and nothing is sexier to them than security– especially when it’s packaged in luxury.

Dream 1st Date: A luxe dinner (somewhere French and with soft, comfy chairs) followed by more drinks wherever there’s a dance floor and an epic playlist.

Gemini: For a Gemini Venus, romantic interest starts with the mind. This Venus sign wants a lover they can talk to about anything and everything: someone who can stay up late on the phone with for fun fact exchanges and hot debates. Venus in Gemini’s love of stimulation should not be confused with commitment-phobic. This sign simply craves a partner who shares their passion to never stop learning and has their own set of hobbies and interests to bring to the table.

Dream 1st Date: Going to see a movie with Oscar-buzz and then talking about it for 4 hours after.

Cancer: Venus in Cancer natives love to feel safe and secure, and mainly to know that their affection will be acknowledged and well-received. A Cancer Venus is touched when you remember their favorite song or take them to that new pop-up shop they’ve been talking about. As a water sign, Cancer picks up on all subtleties and thoughtful actions are interpreted as reassurance that their partner cares for them.

Dream 1st Date: Staying in to binge a Netflix series and enjoying a home-cooked meal. Bonus points if Cancer Venus’s lover makes dessert a surprise with a grand reveal.

Leo: Those with a natal Venus in Leo love proudly. Love is grand, love is warm; love is everything. When the love planet lives in the sign of the Lion, feelings of immense adoration are necessary. Flattery, given and received, is highly encouraged. A Venus Leo loves to feel adored and to express themselves aesthetically (and through lovemaking!).

Dream date: Dressing to the nines and heading somewhere you’ll both be the stars of the show.

Virgo: Analytical Virgo shines a particular light on romance when Venus in placed here. Love, like most things in organized mind of Virgo, looks and acts a certain way, and like any goal in a Virgo’s path, it is met with planning and precision. It is a puzzle they try to piece together through logic and experiences. However, when life happens (as it will), plans can sometimes go out the window. To thrive through any potential malfunction, people with this natal placement can focus their energy on calculating a new journey to take.

Dream 1st date: Making a “Restaurant Week” itinerary to try different cuisines in different zip codes, and discussing your findings as foreplay.

Libra: The soft, airy energy of Libra blends beautifully with the romantic and gentle energy of Venus. For people with this natal placement, attraction is inevitable. Libra is ruled by Venus, and the charms of Libra are innately infectious. There will likely be no shortage of affection if desired. Kindness and fairness matter: Libra Venus natives will not tolerate feeling taken advantage of. To make sure this beautiful affair continues, prove to them that you are just as willing as they are to make the relationship work.

Dream 1st Date: Taking a stroll through an open-air market or art fair sets the stage for sights, tastes and conversations. This gives a Libra Venus plenty of material for their signature gift of flirtation!

Scorpio: Intensity is key for a Venus in Scorpio. Sex appeal and intimacy are built into every person with this natal placement, so even the most casual of contacts can be a night to remember. There is no room for superficial love here and passion runs deep! This intensity can border the line of obsession– so to curb this, they can learn to appreciate the intimate depths and long-term potential of a slow burn.

Dream 1st date: Finding a hidden gem restaurant that’s really hidden (think unmarked door, secret password to get in) and reserving a dimly lit booth that’s private enough for the most candid conversations.

Sagittarius: Love is a thrilling adventure for those born with Venus in Sagittarius. Every new person is a new experience and a new journey to take. Playful, joyful, and light in spirit, a person with this placement loves the euphoria of new love; because of this, the natural tendency can be to bounce around new relationships. A Sag Venus doesn’t want to feel tied down, but loves a fellow carefree spirit who will be their partner in all expeditions. Love grows by having new adventures, every day. For Venus in Sagittarius, this can thrive on a foundation of friendship.

Dream 1st Date: Venturing out to an amusement park or a tour through the catacombs! No matter what, make sure it’s an experience.

Capricorn: When a person’s natal Venus falls in practical and hardworking Capricorn, love is approached with caution. A Capricorn Venus has no time to be wasted on endeavors shy of the one, and matters of the heart mean a great deal to them. While Capricorn has a lusty side, this sign is generally less interested in short-term distractions that may cause them to stray from their five-year plan. What’s even sexier than someone who supports a Capricorn Venus’s goals? An ambitious partner who will allow the support of a Capricorn Venus in a true power-couple fashion.

Dream 1st Date: Taking a cooking class or crafting class to build a skill that you’ll both still have and share no matter what.

Aquarius: Love is calm. Love is ideal. When Venus finds itself in humanitarian Aquarius, relationships are understood in a broader picture. It’s about the relationship between us all, and love for the person with this natal placement is more akin to philanthropy and social empowerment than intimate connections. Love grows and deepens when the Venus in Aquarius can concentrate their love for humanity on the individuals in their life.

Dream 1st Date: Heading to the planetarium or an exciting new museum exhibit for maximum inspiration.

Pisces: Natal Venus in watery Pisces is naturally inclined to romance and relationships. Emotional, poetic, and sensitive, people born with Venus in Pisces are drawn toward true union and a deep understanding of love. However, because of a desire to see the lovely side of everyone, a Pisces Venus placement be a little less discerning about their potential partners. They should be proud to love fully and fearlessly, but should make sure to date people who appreciate this and want to return it abundantly.

Dream 1st Date: It doesn’t matter where you go, it will be a romantic story you’ll tell your family and kids at your wedding if all goes well and it’s sealed with an epic first kiss.


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