We’re so lucky to carry two new dreamy products at The Alchemist’s Kitchen– a beautiful affirmation deck and an inspiring guide to help us manifest a relationship with our mind, body, and spirit. We were even luckier to chat with Annie Tarasova about her creative process and how these two offerings came into being!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Annie Tarasova, I am a 23 year old artist based in South Australia. I was born in Russia, and I spent my childhood in the beautiful Russian countryside until 11 years old, when my family and I moved to Australia. I believe a lot of my current art and mindset about the Universe stems from the connection to nature I experienced as a child. Running around barefoot in forests, picking wild berries and making magical potions out of dew and flower petals… No internet connection and zero technology. I made books for fun in my spare time. Funny how currently I am doing exactly the same – I found my way back to my inner child.

How did you come to create dreamy moons?

Throughout high school, I planned on studying art or design, but when the time came to make a decision of what I want to do after school, I got scared of the competition in the creative field. Instead, I went to college to study Natural Health Science (Naturopathy). Around that time I changed my diet, went vegan and became interested in health, so I really did love my course. But after two years, something just didn’t feel right. I had zero time for creativity and I started losing touch with my creative side. In hopes to get my creativity back, while I was studying I opened my Etsy shop DreamyMoons, purely to motivate me to create and to give my creations a bigger purpose. After just a few months, my Etsy shop took off and I found myself spending more time painting than studying. That is when I decided to take a break from my studies, and then my plans changed from taking a break to officially quitting and pursuing my true passion. Why I named my shop DreamyMoons? When I first started it in 2016, all I would paint is watercolour moons. Only later did I start making posters, card decks, calendars, and now books.

Tell us a little bit about the process of creating your Manifest Book and Oracle Deck!

My Manifest Book is probably my most favourite project to date! For years I have dreamed of creating my own book, and I wanted it to be special: fully hand-written and hand painted. Although it took around 7-8 months to create it, when I think back on that time, it really feels like a few days. I was in such powerful creative flow that it felt effortless, easy.
My Affirmation Cards were created in 2017, and to this day they are the biggest best seller. These cards were the first item I created that wasn’t an art print or a poster. I wanted to offer something with more meaning, a deeper intention. Something that you can hold, not just put up on your wall. Something that you can interact with every day, something that can become a part of your morning or evening routine. The illustrations were first drawn by hand using an ink pen, then scanned and altered digitally. Gold and Black colour scheme holds so much magic and mystery, I truly feel like that contributed to the success of the cards.

How do you work with the moon in your personal life?

I absolutely love setting my intentions on New Moons, and do self reflection journaling on Full Moons. The Moon has the power to connect me with the Divine, the Universe, or the Higher Consciousness.. whatever you want to call it 🙂 It reminds me that the Universe is filled with mystery, and that there is so much that can not be seen, but can be felt.

What does the creative process look like for Annie Tarasova?

Always different, never perfect, it is messy, I make a bunch of mistakes, I re-do and re-start, and change a lot before I am satisfied. But it is always intuitive and once I am in my creative flow, it is very hard to get out of it. It is like a deep meditation. My body turns into a vessel, purpose of which is simply to bring my ideas into this physical world. It feels freaking amazing. But I also have to remind myself to eat and sleep, because often my ideas and desire to bring that idea to life is so strong that I forget my human body needs nourishment!

What would you like The Alchemist’s Kitchen community to know?

The importance of connecting with your inner child. I thank my inner child for everything that I have achieved in my creative journey.
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