Here at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, we carry numerous crystals both in our store and online. Crystals are wonderful for healing energy work, grounding, and as overall reminders of our clearest and highest selves. We spoke with Suguna Lorenzo, our buyer and merchandising manager, who additionally consulted Emma Worpole about sourcing crystals.

How did you find these suppliers?

We research companies with a long history of working with crystals. Getting the best supplier happens through a process of ordering from various companies. Only a few stand out with their quality and credible knowledge of products.

What are some of the ethical considerations on your mind / heart when finding suppliers?

It is important that our suppliers are transparent and aware. Our primary supplier is based in the United States. It is a family run crystal mine that has been in operation for 40 years. The majority of clear quartz crystals we carry are from their mine. They do source from other countries as well. They have a long partnership with a few different small mines in Brazil where the crystals are sourced in an ethical, environmentally friendly manner.  A few of the small tumbled stones we carry come from Madagascar.

What are some of our more popular crystals, and why do you think that is?

Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz. Amethyst assists in emotional, spiritual healing as well as tuning into spiritual wisdom and intuition. More people are seeking healing beyond the physical and amethyst helps facilitate that connection. Black Tourmaline is grounding and protective — especially helpful for maintaining boundaries. It is like a spiritual vacuum cleaner that sucks away negative energy. For those living in cities boundaries are difficult to maintain. Clear quartz helps to clarify and amplify your intentions as well as any other crystals you are working with. It is known as the master healer and can help balance emotions and stimulate creativity.

Have you noticed more people buying crystals in the past few years?

Yes, people are looking to personalize their spiritual practices outside of mainstream organized religions. People feel more empowered to create their own connection to spirituality in a way that feels expansive and inspiring.  I think the visual beauty of crystals draws people in and then they become more interested in how they function energetically.

What are some of your personal favorite crystals, and why? How do you use them?

I’m really excited about Shungite. This stone’s composition is mostly carbon and is a powerful protector. You can use it to purify and re-mineralize water.  It can shield you from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, cell towers, TVs, etc. This is the primary reason I like working with Shungite. From morning through the evening we are surrounded by and touching electronic devices that generate energy which interferes with our own psychic and spiritual connections. This can lead to anxiety and depression.  I have definitely felt lighter and more grounded since working with Shungite.

Emma likes to work with Green Calcite. It is helpful for heart healing and is a great companion for your potted plants.

Jessica likes to work with Tiger Eye. It helps attract money and abundance. It also helps promote mental clarity and assists with anxiety to keep you grounded.

Any other info on our crystals you think people should know?

It is important to cleanse your crystals energetically on a regular basis.  They are working hard to absorb and deflect negative energy from you and the surrounding space. You can clean with salt water or smoke. It is also good to recharge crystals in the light of the full moon. Don’t forget to communicate with your crystals, say “hello!” and ask for their help and support and remain open to the messages or insights you may receive.

Thank you to Suguna, Emma, and Jessica for such wonderful information! You can check out more crystals here!  Enjoy sourcing crystals for your collection!

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