The Alchemist’s Kitchen in Stockton, New Jersey

You may have visited The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s flagship location on E. 1st Street in Manhattan, but did you know we have another location at the Stockton Market in New Jersey? We recently interviewed Dawn Agran, manager at our Stockton location, about why this spot is so magical.

What’s the energy of our Stockton outpost, compared to Manhattan?

Stockton is a small town right on the riverthere’s a walking path that goes right past. Time moves a bit slower here. People are here to spend time with their friends, families and loved ones, and there’s a tremendous feeling of community. Since we’re in a small town, a lot of the customers know each other and you get to know the people that live locally.  

Why is the Stockton Market a great place for an Alchemist Kitchen location?

Stockton and the surrounding areas seem to hold this amazing energy! Everyone feels it. River life has its own magic.

What is your favorite part about working there? And what’s been the most surprising thing?

Friday night! The market is BYOB and every Friday there is live music and wall-to-wall people. It just feels like a big party. Even the vendors often stay at the end of the night and enjoy a glass of wine together.

Anything else you would like to add about Stockton.

Stockton has become my home away from home and my fellow vendors have become like family. I have met so many amazing people through this market and can’t imagine some of these people not being a part of my life.

Check out our Stockton location and its river magic!

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