The Astrology of April 2019: Karmic Clearing

The Astrology of April 2019: Karmic Clearing


We begin April inside the fog of Mercury retrograde in his shadow zone. Technically, Aries the Ram is in charge, but his usual certainty is now challenged by Mercury, conjunct the ever-elusive Neptune. It may be hard to determine which direction to take or what to believe. But by mid-month, we’ll be ready to integrate the messages of Mercury when he finally leaves his shadow zone—the fog lifting. Until then, we can celebrate this period of heightened dreams, spirituality, and otherworldliness. Our hearts can open wider as we surrender to not knowing.

Via Ethereal Culture.

Meanwhile, conjunctions between the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto are eliciting powerful catharsis and purification. Karma is ripening and exploding as we face old traumas and misdeeds. We’re drawing them to the surface for the sake of transformation. So much is falling apart as old structures dissolve. It’s time to heal from the past and rectify it—especially wounds from childhood, ancestors, and past lives. Major themes of redemption and karmic clearing are at play. We’re finding the courage to examine our misconceptions, harmful beliefs, and the pain we’ve either caused or experienced. This way, we can heal and open to new chapters, which are now ready to take root.
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