What Exactly Is Synchronicity?

What Exactly Is Synchronicity?

The reality is that most people who are familiar with the word can pinpoint exactly what the phenomenon feels like, but can rarely describe it. Carl Jung defined synchronicity as “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” He went on to explain that synchronicity is an energetic phenomenon, when something occurs that is so contextually connected, and yet from every rational viewpoint there’s absolutely no cause or effect taking place.

Synchronicity is that moment where you are thinking about calling your mother, at a time of no particular significance to your relationship with your mother, and your phone rings with her on the other end. She had no way of knowing you were thinking of her, and you had no way of knowing she was about to call you.

The implications of being aligned with synchronicity have fascinated modern and ancient mystics. Imagine how exciting and beautiful your life would be, if you were able to position your energy in a way that ensured you experienced nonstop synchronicity. Synchronicity has a lot in common with New Moon energy – it’s chaotic and impossible to look at straight on. To be able to see a result without directly investing energy into it, is a game changer. You would be walking from one good luck experience to another, without pause and your success might feel as if it were in hyperspeed.

So how do you tap into that energy?

Most people understand that synchronicity is powerful, but typically the significance of it is poorly explained. The Law of Attraction is a good example of a bad explanation of synchronicity. It suggests that what we put out, as individual selves in a cosmic universe, will attract back a significant and related result, outside the rules of cause and effect. This type of hypothesis strikes me as problematic, because it insists that you are, in your own right, a small master of an infinite cosmos. That somehow you have more control over the universe than it does over you. It has a deep current of narcissism that blocks us from the true magic and power of our place in the Universe.

It is not that we are a separate powerful self, sitting directly in the center of the cosmos, and at our most aligned are able to suddenly control the results of the universe. A better understanding is that the cosmos, and the well of synchronic power, sits in the very center of every one of us, and at our most aligned and unblocked we are completely in sync with its vibrant and masterful energy.

And perhaps, if we were all walking the path of synchronicity, we would finally all be on the same wavelength.

Instead of putting out positive thoughts because they will attract positivity, invest in positive thought patterns because it will allow you to see more and more chances to walk a positive path for yourself. Indeed, the key to becoming in sync with the powerful chaos of synchronicity is to stop trying so hard, and just relax your energy. 


Minta Carlson is an energy worker, licensed massage therapist, staff carrying woman, and polarity therapist from Portland, ME. Minta has been studying with Kari Tauring, founder of Völva Stav, a nordic tradition based on ancestral study for the past couple of years. They lead lunar and solar workshops and rituals in the Greater Portland Area under their önd + skyrr series, with a focus on practical magic and demystifying esoteric practice. Minta is available for private booking and rune reading upon request. Check out www.needfirewellness.com for more info.


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