Aries Full Moon: Stepping Into Our New Selves

Aries Full Moon: Stepping Into Our New Selves


Today’s Full Moon is painful and cathartic—a climax of energies after a summer of retrogrades and eclipses. Now the planets are asking us to step into our new selves.

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Saturn is at the tip of a T-Square, sandpapering us with karmic reckonings and a dose of painful reality. Where do we need to become more discerning or responsible? We are now able manifest our desires, but what do we desire? And is it coming from pure intention?

With Uranus forming a trine to Saturn, this isn’t the moment to choose what is safe, familiar, or unhealthy. We’re embracing what is liberating, new, and aligned with our highest ideals. This requires risking our vulnerability and stepping into discomfort for the sake of growth. The Sun is conjunct Mercury, and with warriorship, we’re becoming more honest in our communication—less afraid to speak our truths directly, and from our hearts.

Love and sexuality are in question as never before. We’re reconstructing our values around how we relate to one another, while the feminine and masculine form a tense dance. What do masculinity and femininity even mean? We’re in the process of redefining both.

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