Aries Full Moon: The Fires of Renewal

full moon

Scott Kahn, Heatwave, 2013

October 13, 2019 — The Aries Full Moon arrives on Sunday at 2:07pm PDT, bringing a crescendo of our agitation and insecurities, our courage and initiative. This Full Moon beckons us to move through our fear and establish new ways of relating to ourselves, our lives, and loved ones.

The Sun and Moon are straddling the Aries-Libra axis, generating tension between our individual desires and our relationships with others. They’re both forming an exact square to Pluto, emphasizing the Moon’s deep emotionality and potential for transformation.

Via Ethereal Culture.

Who are we, and how do we relate to partnership? What do we still need to confront and release?

A big call for surrender is sounding, drawing us into the cauldron of profound change. If we can step into the fires, they will strip us of whatever isn’t really us—self-doubt, shame, self-destruction, and toxicity—leaving bare our most authentic selves. We might try to meet our triggers and wounding and relax with them—allowing them to arise exactly as they are, so they can reveal their wisdom.

What kinds of relationships can we form from this place of acceptance, courage, and vulnerability?

On a broader scale, our righteous anger remains inflamed as we find kinder ways to communicate. Mercury trines Neptune, and our minds are aligning easily with love and our highest ideals. If we need to grieve, this is a good time for release as we hold each other’s hands through the process.

Ceres and Jupiter are conjunct while supporting this Full Moon. The protector of the Earth and the feminine expands upon Jupiter’s touch, helping to light our way forward. Activism can be effective as we empower the spiritual, empathic, and vulnerable among us, while protecting our Earth and her resources.

Meanwhile, Mars in Libra continues to oppose Chiron in Aries, while Venus opposes Uranus. We’re laying down our arms, releasing our egos enough to listen to each other and admit wrong. Our inner feminine and masculine are recalibrating—the masculine healing, the feminine jolting into revolution so she can rewrite the future and lead us into a matriarchal age.

How can we balance our anger with openness and vulnerability, our diplomacy with resilience and strength?

As we continue to let go of the past and our stuckness—old habits, conditioning, and toxic relationships—we’re finding the courage to establish new patterns. With minds and hearts expanded, anything is possible. Rooted to the Earth, our most important act is to stay present with our unfoldment. We can continue our journeys as tender warriors, harnessing gentleness, clarity, strength, and even anger to implement our visions of what could be.

Surrounded by fires of change, may we leap into inspired action, taking the most direct route forward. May we dismantle all that holds us back, our swords of wisdom joining our beaming hearts to effortlessly clear our paths.

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