The holiday season is a time of gratitude. While it is crucial to maintain gratitude all year round, it’s during this time of the year that we collectively ritualize it by coming together with loved ones in celebration, and finding meaningful ways to express our appreciation for each other.

In honor of our beautiful AK family, we’ve asked our staff to share with us what they’re grateful for this season. And if you need some gifting inspiration, we also asked what AK product they’ve been feeling the most lately and why.

Happy holidays from everyone at The Alchemist’s Kitchen!

Kate Belew
Director of Digital Marketing 

I’m thankful for New York City, and all of my beautiful creative friends here.

I am in love with the Wildflower Vape this holiday season because it’s sexy, makes a great gift, and eases my anxieties.

Claire Crookston
Senior Buyer + Strategic Partnerships

What am I thankful for this year? I am always thankful for my family but this year I’m especially grateful for my grandparents. The older I get the more I appreciate my ancestors and the lineage of amazing men and women that paved the way for my spirit on this earth.

My grandparents have been a tremendous source of wisdom, guidance, and healing for me through the years. The conversations I have with both sides of my family go deep and I often sit for hours learning more through my ancestor’s past experiences and what a life was like “in the good ‘ol days” than any headlines broadcasted today.

Their perspectives ground me, force me to think about my purpose in a deeper way, and make me grateful for the endless opportunities and resources I have at my fingertips to be a better person for my own future kin.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extra thankful for the homemade chocolate chip cookies and ridiculously soft fuzzy socks (IYKYK) after each visit…

My favorite product we have on our shelves this holiday season is our Plant Alchemy CBD Oil because it has helped heal my Grams’ back pain over the last few months and she no longer needs medication to walk down the street. There is no better feeling than hearing her tell me that the product we work so hard to produce actually helps her get out of bed in the morning.

The healing power of plants run deep our roots and it’s our duty to carry this knowledge with us for generations to come.

Dawn Agran
Stockton Outpost Manager

I’m thankful to work for a company I can believe in, hot apple cider, cuddly kitties, good health, and a warm home.

My two favorite products right now are the Elderberry Plus Elixir and the Wild Mugwort Oil.

Davin Turkewitz
Project Manager

I’m grateful for the TAK Fam and my cat. 🙂

My favorite product is the 750 mg. CBD Oil. Our new CBD supplier Hudson Hemp has changed the game, and our oil is the best it has ever been! Great for relaxing at home or exploring.

Kaela May
Resident Herbalist

For me, this season is about connection as much as gratitude. I’m feeling full of gratitude for my ability to connect with people, plants, and the land around me. Im grateful for my teachers who have so generously shared their deep wisdom and knowledge of the plants and how to better connect with those around me. Im blessed to have the opportunity to help people access their healing and remember their innate power with the help of plant allies. Also, I am deeply in gratitude to the discomforts that have challenged and are challenging me to change, grow, and evolve. This may seem an interesting thing to be grateful for, but I have become such a better citizen of this earth by getting uncomfortable and working to dismantle and unravel outdated beliefs, habits, and patterns. My deep hope is for all to do the same and continually transform, be allies for those who need it, and  return home to yourself.  As always, I practice gratitude and prayer for this earth. I pray for the water, air, and fire to find peace and balance. May this season bring you blessings, abundance, and gratitude for what sustains you!

If you are called to work for inner and outer transformation, then I’d suggest trying one of the Sister Spinster Flower & Gem Essences. We have some of her most amazing and powerful blends in store and online. I love “rising” — it’s a essence for connecting with the collective. All of her blends are magic and will invite you to tune in on a more subtle and energetic level while giving you support to dance with the divine and the unknown.

Arielle Hayat
Resident Herbalist
This holiday season I’m most grateful to have nature as a trustful guide to support me in the phases and seasons of my life.

My favorite fall product is our delicious Elderberry Reishi Tonic by Herbal Revolution which is immune boosting, anti-viral and supports the lungs. The lungs needs support most in the Autumn season of grief and letting go. As the trees let go of their leaves, I like to imagine exhaling my negativity and all that needs to be let go, too.

Paula Gilovich
Business Development

I’m grateful to everyone who is doing anything to help heal our environment. And I’m grateful to the plants for healing us. And of course, I’m grateful for my wife and my little girl, a 2 year old who has explained all of life’s secrets to me.

This fall, as we lose the light, my favorite plant remedy is Plant Alchemy CBD capsules, which has buoyed the health of my body and mind during these darker days.

Christine Alfred
Director of Programming


I am grateful for all of nature’s provisions that continue to miraculously nourish, cleanse, and remind me of who I really am. I’m grateful for the TAK community and everyone I’ve gotten to meet and learn from along the way, and for my TAK family who I’m so fortunate to work alongside of. Thank you. I’m especially thankful for the continuous support and love from my partner Bobby Picciotto — thank you for filling my well.

My favorite product from TAK is the Milk + Honey Infused Bath Salts by Moonbath because it has served as a reminder of the importance of self-care.

Faye Sakellaridis
Online Content Editor

I’m grateful for the beautiful souls I get to work with on a regular basis here at The Alchemist’s Kitchen, and for good music and good books.

I use the Plant Alchemy CBD Saffron Face Cream regularly – it’s so nourishing to my skin, and it smells great.

The Alchemist's Kitchen

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