As a young child, Victoria Libertore communed with the realms of the unseen, speaking with fairies and spirits. As an adult, she has returned to these worlds and embraced her intuitive gifts by giving and receiving intuitive/energetic readings, and learning the art of energy healing and Reiki. She is currently a Reiki master in the Dr. Mikao Usui Master Lineage, and also offers intuitive readings in which she helps you connect with your spirit guides and energy system, and download messages and wisdom from them.

In addition to energy work, Victoria is also a seasoned performer, actress, and emcee, and teaches performance workshops in which she incorporates spiritual-intuitive-energetic exercises.

In this interview, we discuss how she realizes spiritual healing was her path, the link between energy work & performance art, what intuitive readings look like, and more.

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On your website, you talk about being in tune with magic and spirit realms as a child. Can you tell us a bit more about your relationship with spirituality growing up, and how you came to realize that spiritual healing was the path for you?  

The spiritual healing that I do has unfolded gradually. I’ve basically followed what’s been of genuine interest to me in all matters of spirituality, intuition and energy. It started with reading books, getting decks of cards, going to workshops, receiving readings from others. Then it led to me giving intuitive readings and also helping people access their own intuition through mentoring people one-on-one and through workshops. My deep passion is that each of you have  connection to your own intuition, the magic you hold within, an understanding of your own energy system and if you choose access to a spiritual practice that works for you! Also knowing one’s heart, soul job and enjoying life!

I always had a sense of the unseen as a child. Honestly, I think we all do and we’re told it’s not real . . . then we doubt ourselves. So it’s a process of getting past the self-doubt to believe again in the unseen. Fortunately my mom was a big believer in the unseen, and I think it kept a lot of those channels opened for me. I grew up in Ohio and did not come from a family of great means. This spiritual path has taken me to places that I couldn’t have even imagined as a kid. Now my wife and I are planning a spiritual retreat in Bali for 2020. A spiritual path is available to everyone who wants it. It’s not always easy as there can be sacrifices to make, fears to face and aspects of self to release. Ultimately I have found opening to my own spiritual path, sacred heart and my higher self has led to a much bigger and more fulfilling life.

Along with energy work, you are a performer, actress, and emcee – and you teach performance workshops. Is there a connection between the way you teach/practice energy work and performance, or between creativity and spiritual healing?  

I believe that all creativity is some form of channeling be it channeling spirit side, other aspects of yourself, channeling the energy of an idea or our collective conscious/unconscious. When I teach performance, my focus is usually on helping people to create their own work. Yes, nowadays I’m very bold in performance workshops about including spiritual-intuitive-energetic exercises of connecting in with one’s chakras, third eye, visiting your shadow self in the Underworld, discovering your relationship to archetypal energies and calling in Goddesses – the ultimate creators! The spiritual healing and creating performance work go hand-in-hand.

When I emcee, I feel that I’m energetically reading the room to discover what is needed and I’ve even done heart-opening exercises with the audience in burlesque shows! The great thing about this time on our planet (the Aquarian Age) is it’s more acceptable to have these overlaps of seemingly different paths. Making creative work for me is one of the most healing practices I have. It helps me process trauma and joy. I did a solo show about all my dental work called “My Journey of Decay” and the feedback from it was incredible in that so many people related! Creativity connects us with others and that is where the deep healing happens – knowing that we’re not alone.

What might a one-on-one intuitive reading with someone look like? What kinds of things generally come up for people during these sessions? 

An intuitive reading with me is done either in-person or over video/phone. If you are coming to me for a session, I ask for permission to connect with your energy system and guides before you come. The messages include the day-to-day stuff of life like home, health, romance, finance, career and also go into the more spiritual/esoteric aspects including at times past lives, your spiritual path and intuitive gifts (we all have them). Often loved ones (both human and animal) visit from spirit side and often people’s living animals come in with messages. A little astrology often comes in as well. I find sessions go in themes throughout the year. Lately everyone’s inner child has been coming through! I also include Reiki and energy work (opening/releasing/balancing/protecting). The chakras and aura hold so much info. Doing a scan of them provides a lot of messages about all aspects of a person’s life. I also leave room for any questions that you are coming into the session with. Often I do a guided meditation as well. You will leave the session with insights and actions to take for your highest good, and hopefully feeling compassion for yourself, clarity about your path and energetically lighter.

What has your experience been like doing events at The Alchemist’s Kitchen over the course of this past year? 

I am deeply grateful to Christine Alfred, Paula Gilovich and everyone that I’ve met at The Alchemist’s Kitchen. Coming out of the “spiritual closet” this last year to do readings and workshops outside of my home and spaces that I rent has been so incredibly healing, expansive and fun! The people that I’ve met that attend events at TAK have been of such an incredible caliber. It’s so uplifting to meet so many fellow spiritual seekers and I’ve learned so much. Even though I’m moving to Los Angeles in December, I am available for intuitive readings and mentoring sessions by phone or video for folks not in the LA area! I hope to visit NYC and continue to collaborate with TAK. Dear reader, I hope that we cross paths (if it’s for your and my highest good) if we haven’t already. Blessings in your journey!


Faye Sakellaridis

Faye Sakellaridis’s interest in psychedelics and consciousness led her to become an managing editor at The Alchemists Kitchen and Reality Sandwich, where she enjoys the scope of visionary thought that she regularly encounters from the site’s many contributors and the “rich spectrum of intellectual essays on consciousness through a diverse lens of art, culture, and science.” Faye recently earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Queens College in NYC, and her professional and academic life have been centered on journalism and creative writing. However, Faye—a classically trained improvisational pianist—says that spiritually, she identifies herself first and foremost identify as a musician. “Music is my most intuitive language,” she says. “If it weren't for music I'm not sure I'd truly understand the concept of the sublime. Writing and music are two are elemental parts of me, and communicating through them is what I do.”

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