During this unprecedented and challenging moment, we have compiled a list of healers’ current offerings: online teaching, zoom sessions, consultations, kind words, etc.

Now more than ever, this kind of community guide is essential to help everyone feel a little less alone. Find below a list of resources from our amazing staff & makers!  You can also join us for digital learning on The Alchemist’s Kitchen! Keep an eye on our social media and event page here.

Jessica Ramirez, Healer

In her words, “Jess is a first-generation North American from NYC. I am a child of immigrants from South America whose divination, magick and curandera roots goes back generations. My purpose is to represent Indigenous/Local Herbalism and help heal underserved communities and people with a combination of spiritual earth-aligned practices ranging from nutrition, to spiritual growth and teachings in how to be self-sufficient and taking back our ancestral roots.

In this time of uncertainty, the community is our most valuable and precious resource. I would like to offer sliding scale rates for Tarot/Oracle Readings,  Cleansing and Healing Rituals, Holistic Nutrition advice and just an opportunity to chat and help you all get through your day! These rates will vary based on your current situation and given that job security is threatened in these times, Black/Brown/Indigenous/POC/LGBTQI+ and any other minorities or underserved communities will be given first priority.”

Jess’s rates are as follows:

Tarot/Oracle Reading (over the phone, email or video chat)

  • Path Spread Sliding Scale $13-$33
  • Ancestral Spread  Sliding Scale $13-$33
  • Year Ahead Spread  Sliding Scale $7-$27
  • Progression Spread  Sliding Scale $7-$27
  • Card for the Day/Week Sliding Scale $3-$13

Cleansing Bath, Healing Rituals (over the phone, email or video chat)

  • Sliding Scale $7-37 (depending on needs)

Holistic Nutrition Hotline and Wellness Tips (over the phone, email or video chat)

  • Free 10 minute consultation or chat, if you feel it’s a good fit I can offer my services as needed.

To connect with Jess, email her at Munahealing@gmail.com

Arielle Hayat, Herbalist

Arielle’s specialty lies in protocols and custom formulations for helping the body adapt to stress, and addressing mental wounds caused by the affects of tension and anxiety. She also sees clients with issues related to gut/ digestion, immune system, viral infections, adrenals, hormones and more. Arielle is offering:
  • Mini Consults: $35 for 25 mins
  • TalkTherapy with Herbs: $35 for 25 mins
  • Herbal Consultation 60 mins: $175-$100 sliding scale
  • Herbal Initial Consultation 90 mins: $260-$100 sliding scale
  • Distance Learning Sessions How to Use Herbal Medicine: $125-$60 sliding scale

Zamboni, Astrologer

Zamboni can offer wonderful remote astrology and tarot readings: “In times of crisis, I’m accepting a sliding scale: $20-$60 for a half-hour, and $61-$100 for a full hour consultation. Children of Saturn, or people who have Capricorn or Aquarius rising, Saturn on the ascendant or conjunct the ruler of the ascendant, or who have been in some way battered by Saturn transits can get a full hour for the half-hour rate. I’m happy to check in with anyone about whether or not this is them.

I will also be launching my Patreon page on Friday!  There, I will do basic astrology lessons, so that the average person can better understand what astrologers and forecasters are saying, and apply it to their own lives and charts more directly. My goal is less to make people into astrologers, and more to help regular folks understand what’s going on, how to listen to and comprehend astrology forecasts, and what a chart even is. I will also offer a monthly electional report, aimed at helping people choose auspicious times to launch their own businesses, launch new products, make major purchases, send important letters, and the like. All of this will be live on 3/27!  Patreon.com/ZamboniFunk.”

As always, Zamboni will be writing daily on Instagram @ZamboniFunk about the astrology of the day, what to expect, and how to best use the day’s offerings.

Ana Lygia, Herbalist

Ana is offering virtual mini herbal consultations by donation (in any way you can): 30-45 mins for $0-$50.* Ana can help you get creative on how you can be supported by plants/foods/practices right now, and how to use what is currently available to you to–in your home, at the local grocery store, or via psychic connection to help you navigate your current emotional and physical health needs. You can connect with Ana at: ana@juneeye.com
*This is in addition to her regular package offerings, noted on her website: www.juneeye.com

Nadine Vieira-Rosario, Herbalist

Nadine can offer herb consultations, support, or guidance. via email at rosario.vnadine@gmail.com. A few tips from Nadine for this this time, “We all as people put our bodies and psyches through such distress in times like these, and if only we could nourish those parts of self to help us navigate through what daily life is for the time being. There is a difference of being informed and overloaded by the media, and with that overload I believe comes the inflammation of the mind – stress, anxiety, worrisome thoughts, etc. One of the biggest challenges in the world of herbalism are the difficulties of accessing and preparing herbs in a way that is low cost. I can provide information about the mood-improving abilities of herbs and teach how these herbal preparations can be made in one’s home. The objective of my offerings is to strengthen, heal, and seek empowerment by learning how to make one’s own herbal preparations during this time.”

Madison Murray, Herbalist

Madison Murray, herbalist, witch, reiki practitioner, and founder of PSYCHICK Herbs, is offering discounted virtual services during this time of communal vulnerability: $10 full spread tarot readings, $15 distance reiki sessions, and $50 (90 minutes) herbal consultations with an emailed custom protocol. More information on Madison can be found at madison-murray.com

Val Elkhorn, Woodspell Apothecary

Val is including a week’s supply (about an ounce) of herbal immunity tea with each order, free of charge and no code necessary! The tea includes reishi, iceman’s conk, elecampane root, juniper, yarrow, rosemary, thyme, and wild bergamot. For more, check out her fantastic bitters here

Cara Kovacs, Holistic sex coach

Follow The Alchemist’s Kitchen Instagram for online content and up to date calendars of Cara’s  @carakovacs_ offerings! She’ll be offering live events such as Oils for Immunity, a New Moon in Aries Intention Setting + Astrology Forecast, and Sacred Self Sexuality: Using Your Self Pleasure for Magic.

All of Cara’s workshops are donation-based. Proceeds will benefit those facing financial hardship due to coronavirus. She is currently accepting donations at her Venmo, @carakov!
Cara offers card readings in the style passed down to her by her mother. You may recognize her from The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s monthly lunar forecast. She is also our in-house sex, love + relationship expert. She is offering discounted packaged of 3 sessions for those of you looking to work on intimacy issues during your extended stays at home.

Book a mini reading with Cara here. Or for coaching offerings head to www.carakovacs.com.

Roshina & Yarusha Jimenez, Sisters of Eastwick 

Roshina & Yarusha Jimenez are offering two free 30-minute astrology reading with Yarusha (keep an eye on our Instagram for this giveaway), an amazing tarot reader and the resident astrologer for The Freehand Hotels. Yarusha is also offering 10-minute tarot readings (Tarot for your Higher Self at $10.00 per reading). These two incredible sisters will also be hosting an online astrology 101! The first 30 minutes will be a basic introduction to astrology, and the last 30 minutes will be a Q & A. Check out their Instagram for more info! 

Lauren Hayne, Wooden Spoon Herbs:

Lauren is currently recommending two wonderful herbal tinctures: Mushroom Magic for immunity and Rose Colored Glasses for staying calm! Wooden Spoon Herbs is also offering free shipping indefinitely.

Rachelle Robinett, Herbalist + Founder of Supernatural Cafe 

Rachelle is currently offering:

  • The Supernatural Series: A 4-Week Herbal Health Workshop (online)
  • Wellness Sessions: 45-60min one-on-one coaching sessions that can include anything from nutrition tips to custom herbal formulations or habit & lifestyle design. (Discounted packages available.)

Rachel Webb, Executive Director of Three Jewels

Three Jewels reintegrates yoga, meditation and Tibetan Buddhism for the modern practitioner to achieve inner wisdom and love! They are currently offering:

  • Online Membership [incl. yoga and meditation] (price launching 3/30 at $69/mo, $20/week)
  • FREE IGLIVE Meditations daily (at 8:15am, 8:00pm)
  • 1:1 Personal Lessons (sliding scale)

Jennifer Patterson, Corpus Ritual

Jennifer is a grief & trauma worker who uses plants, breath, and words to explore survivorhood, body(ies) and healing. Connect with their work through:

Catherine Foley, Help Your Self

Catherine is a Reiki Master, herbalist and intuitive channel. “I am here to support your shift from within. I have created a collection of offerings for you to help alchemize the potent medicine of this time, and keep you aligned with the frequencies of awakening and illumination activating across the globe.”

Visit her page, Shift From Within – Spring 2020, to find all of her offerings and resources, including:
She is offering shorter sessions for remote Reiki healing, and has gift certificates available, too.

If you’re a healer with offerings for the community, feel free to comment below! 

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